Baby: age & development from 0-1 month.

It is term as newborn / neonate development.

By Mahmood Hussain, Thursday 30th May 2017 and reproduce on 10th October 2020. The article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan. Currently in Dubai 

During this term 0-1 month parents and especially the mother are very excited and curios.

Also take into account the grandmother in Indo-Pak. Babies are born with different weight, shape and size. Whatever is the case but few of the things are common. 

Below are few common things your baby might be doing, please note it to discuss with your baby doctor in your first visit after birth.

During 0-1 month: mainly baby is sleeping, feeding or you do play or love when baby wake for few lovely moments with time interval during 24 hour. During this period baby learning phase has started and learning a lot. Baby is absorbing whatever she hears, touches and sees. This means her brain start working.

During this period eye contact with baby, she will be able to follow your face with his eyes, Secondly with eye he/she may give message baby wants your attention. 

Later part of 0-1 month, baby also start looking at toys with bright color and will enjoy toys with faces or having figures or patterns. 

At one month baby may be hear you or might be frightened with noise or your sudden voice.  Baby recognizes your voice and if she / he need you will cry to seek attention.  

Very first way to seek attention or communicate message by baby is through crying.  Later part of one month growth duration may also make throaty noises. 

Crying is very powerful tool of communication & it may be with purpose or reason and may be with no obvious reason.

Most of the time baby will keep hand in tight fist or baby may hold your finger. 

Baby when lying on his belly may lift his head slightly when lying and started to turn it to the side. With this activity he will be able to see where mother is and will try to communicate with herEven make gestures by smiling or taking out his tongue or rolling his lips.

Below are few things mentioned you can follow to develop in newborn

Crying is powerful tool and way to give message.  Baby will cry because something is making them uncomfortable such as, their nappy is wet, or baby is hungry, or the light is too bright. Your response to crying will make baby feel comfortable and safe. With your response baby learn to trust /love you and rely on you. Even if you don’t understand her crying but the most important thing is your response to comfort your baby. It is important for you to understand don’t spoil your baby too much by picking her up,

Even when you don’t know why she’s crying, it’s important to comfort your baby during this time. You can’t spoil your baby too much by picking her up, hugging or holding her, or gaining attention in affectionate and caring voice.

 Eye contact is important: If baby is looking at you, do make an eye contact in responsive manner. The eye contact develops a mutual recognition and this help his/her brain to grow. If baby looks away after gazing baby is giving message now needs a rest

Play and share smile: Smiling plays an important role in connecting with the world. Your smile and positive gestures makes her happy and responsive. This leads to release of chemical in her body and allows brain to grow. Smiling make baby safe & secure.

Spend time together is very important: in shape of talking & singing. By these activities baby will be getting familiar with sounds, words and language. 

 Play with Baby Tummy: Spend some time by playing on her tummy each day. It builds your baby’s head, neck and upper body strength. This is needed to provide strength for lifting her head an movements which will needed do later on, such crawling and pulling up to stand.

Massage your Baby: It is great way to connect with your baby and it is also relaxing and soothing. This is one effective way to connect more with Baby

Message for Parents: It is also very important that your schedule and your relaxing time in accordance with baby schedule to stay physically and mentally healthy. Normally parents are too tied up and forget that your health is very important in child growth & development. Article written and reproduce by Mahmood Hussain for , BABY FIRST PAKISTAN, Facebook/babyfirstPK , Twitter, LinkedIn. Instagram and other social media

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