Baby First Birthday Celebration

Baby First birthday celebration is highly exciting event for the parent especially when it is your first baby and first birthday. Whenever parents plan to celebrate first birthday it is excitement and enjoyable moment for them. 

By Mahmood Hussain, 05th August 2016, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan. 

Beside parents the event planning is great fun also for the grandparents, such as buying variety of gifts for baby, ordering cake, preparing goodie bags and what to offer to guest to eat. They are highly motivated to attend it. The same feeling also goes with all family members living with them.  

The invited guest along with their children are keen to attend the occasion. 

Your baby is too young and will be fearful of stranger who came to attend the occasion, the strange place and new set up.

 One thing is for sure, the baby whose first birth day celebrated, he or she will not remember the birthday party organized in her or his honor. In later years when the child is gown up can recall first birthday either through stories narrated by parents or grown up adult who attended the occasion, by memorable pictures, video or album preserved by parents. 

In light of the discussion in above two paragraph, our first granddaughter Zaynab birthday was on 24th August, 2016. She was born last year in 2015 at Abu Dhabi. There were discussions among her parents and us as grandfather shall we hold the birthday party or not. Reason was that is very simple Zaynab is too young and she will not recall anything of this grand ceremony. The debate further goes on shall we do it next year. 

This year we donate this money to child charity organization or celebrate in simple way along with poor and needy children. 

Secondly at home we also celebrate among our self by simply cake cutting ceremony.

Our act of caring for poor and needy will be very much liked by Almighty Allah and beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad PBUH.  

It was very tough and difficult decision so we all open our mind and heart and we follow the guideline/instruction of both vital organ.

 We all agreed and decided we hold both the ceremony: one by donating fund to the child charity, a reasonable amount on the same day when Zaynab was born that is on 24th August, 2016 at Karachi where her grandparents live.

On weekend that is Friday 26th August, 2016 we celebrate her birthday in a hotel at Dubai with the friends and family members. We both grandmother and grandfather traveled to attend the occasion.

You as a parents plan to gather your intimate friend and close family members / relatives on this memorable day. You need to fully plan the occasion such as : 

  • Estimate for spending for birthday party
  • Finalize the list of guest to be invited / fit as per your planned budget. 
  • Selection of venue. 
  • What food to offer to the adult guest / children  
  • Special cake for the event. 
  • Plan to make and distribute how many goody bags.
  • Arrangement for child activities 

This event is very special day for both of you, your intimate adults and old grown up-kids of your friends and families. 

When you plan to hold the birthday party few suggestions may be consider such as : 

  • Organize at safe and comfortable place for the baby and young baby’s guests who are coming to attend the event.
  • Keep it simple and of short duration, because most of the babies will get soon tired and annoyed. 
  • Decorate venue with decency, simple which reflects good ambience and taste.
  • Organize few plays and activities to engage children.
  • Try to develop a baby picture album which depict baby development stage by age. Please retain it for future recall when your child is grown up. 
  • Small back drop may be place at the back wall. Pictures and poster to be place on it which depict your baby stages and ages of development in the year one.   
  • Most important is to manage all activities with in your planned budget so it will not burden both of you during routine monthly expense management

Spending is dependent upon you, how much you can afford or it nicely fit with in your budget. Please don’t overspend or stretch your budget limit which will stretch both of you.

This will make it easy for you to organize the kind of party which fits in your budget. Mainly expenses occur in three or four head which need to be well taken care, major expense on food, followed by decoration, cake, goodie bags for children and dress for baby on the occasion day. If your budget permits you than go baby show or magic show or jumping castle for children. 

Venue selection for baby first birthday party:

It is very important to have party at safe and comfortable place.  Preference to be to hold the event from where your baby is familiar. The choice and easiest place to select will be home, where baby first party can be held. This is the place your baby will be more comfortable, feel secure and likely to enjoy the place. This all depend how big is your house and how many guest you will invite to attend this auspicious occasion. If your house can’t accommodate all the guest or not having ample space or both of you don’t want to mess up your house than preferable place will be either local community center at your vicinity, or social /wedding hall, club, a restaurant / hotel. Secondly any of these place you choose should have ample space for kids to move around and have space for play area for kids. 

What combination of food to offer.

While selecting food for the guest keep in mind both the guests, you have invited children and adults. It is advisable to keep simple food because lot of might end up in plate or at floor. Birthday party are normally held in late evening which suites mostly to the invited children as well as your celebrity baby. Your preference should be finger foods which is very suitable for both age group guest. Secondly it is for all age children to play and eat. You can keep one bite sandwich having cheese or chicken, small samosa, bakery biscuits, spring roll, finger chips, Aloo cholay (boiled potato with chick peas), small pizza and birth day cake will be there to eat. 

In regard to drink /beverages to offer to both guest you keep small mineral water bottles, sherbet e Rooh Afza in milk or water, fresh fruit juice and tea for adults.

Order birthday cake in advance and your selection should be preferably keeping in mind the guest you invited and its size is dependent on the number of guest you invited. 

Please be very careful when you light up the candle for cake cutting ceremony because your baby might get attracted with the light of burning candle as well as all the children will be near to the table where cake cutting ceremony will be held

Games and activities enlighten the birthday party.

Normally balloons are preferred way to decorate the party area beside it, you can place jumping castle if space is sufficient or you can arrange magic show for babies.

After cake cutting ceremony normally children burst the balloon and continuous bursting may frighten and make cry to your baby as well as other guest baby who are small.

If arrangement can be made to play nursery rhyme tapes this will add more color to the event. 

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