Coronavirus is globally pandemic.

WHO stated on 13 March 2020, CONVID 19 Outbreak is now Pandemic.

Few basic tips how to keep away from Coronavirus.

By Mahmood Hussain, Wednesday 18th March 2020, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi 

As of the latest update dated 18th March, 2020, 162 countries are effected from Convid-19. 

The President of US has declared a country wide emergency and same was adapted by most of the countries that exist on our globe. 

  • Schools has been closed. 
  • Events of large scale is to be either cancelled or postponed. 
  • Travel advisory issued for foreign travel, it has been banned for next 30 days  
  • Avoid going to crowded places, shopping mall, food court or street, public parks etc.

In recently published report in New York Times which states and as per their projection 160 – 214 million people may be effected / infected within USA over a period of this epidemic phase. This phase can last for months or even a year. Further expert says from 200,000 to 1.7million people can die due to it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC’s) in USA, their calculation bases they suggested 2.5 million to 21 million could require admission in the hospital, this mean it will crush or put constrain on the national level medical existing system. Secondly current available staff of 925,000 bed of hospital. It seems this will further strain the services extended to sufferer. In current scenario nearly 10% of medical staff are engage in managing critically ill patient.

 We are listing detail of people who fall in this category and at most risk. They need more attention and care from medical and para medical staff.

    • Diabetic patient
    • Suffering from cardiovascular disease. 
    • Above the age of 50 years
    • Immunocompromised system
    • Obese or overweight
    • If you are a smoker it will affect your health..

Now a days the Coronavirus which has appear as pandemic. Authority’s advice, people gatherings to be limited to 10 or less people if it is very essential, otherwise these are to be avoided or defer. 

The US president Trump stressed on March 17, 2020 to strictly comply with the latest guidelines. If we look at current situation it is becoming endemic. Published article in New York Times on 16th March 2020 and further updated on 17th March 2020.

Now this coronavirus has engulf worldwide and cases were recorded with in more than 155 countries worldwide.

In this regard most of the countries are strictly observing guideline such as:  

  • Close down of all the educational institution and schools.
  • Try to do maximum work from home avoid contact with people.
  • No more hand shaking.
  • Hand washing regularly for minimum of 20 second using disinfectant and soap.
  • Avoid gathering of 10 or more people. 
  • Avoid travel until unless it became very essential.  
  • Refrain from going to restaurant, food courts, public places, snack bars and list goes so on.  
  • Stay mostly at home during this period and avoid public gathering and parties. 

This guideline is for fifteen days and issued by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases USA on 16thMarch, 2020. 

If the above mentioned current guidelines followed, we will do good job.  We can hold or arrest increase death rate or even lower the death rate can be observe. 

Prediction is the virus will last till July or August and we all have to prepare ourselves how to have healthy and positive life for yourself, family and or dear ones.

It is essential to understand the fact that is:

This is not an ordinary flu in its nature it is very aggressive. If the individual immune system of the sufferer is unable to combat or fight with infection, this may quickly lead to pneumonia and may be fatal.  . 

Secondly the condition can be worsen, the reason is hospitals are flooded & it is challenge for the sufferer to get proper attention and treatment during their stay in hospital..   

In this prevailing situation the best way is to protect oneself is to have their immune system in top gear. This will prevent from catching pneumonia or becoming fatal.

In current scenario there are no antiviral available that is capable to fight with the coronavirus. Till to date so far there are no vaccine available to prevent individual from this CONVID-19. 

In this current situation what is needed is to strengthen the immune system and follow guideline issued by Health Authorities and government..

WebMD report of Mar 6, 2020 which stresses “The single most important piece of advice by the health experts, this can provide and help us to stay safe from COVID-19. This is the number one way is to Wash your hands frequently. Hand-washing is to be done with soap and water. This- is a far more powerful weapon against germs than many of us realize. 

Dr. Andrew W Saul, of New York, who is internationally recognized as an expert on Vitamin therapy. In this current situation the corona virus can be radically slow down or it can stopped completely with the use of high dose of vitamin C. This can be given in divided doses and allow the bowel tolerance level. It is known fact Vitamin C is clinically proven antiviral

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website, facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social and digital media

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