Breast Cancer awareness through cricket test match in Australia.



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Breast Cancer awareness through cricket test match in Australia.

Pakistani Cricket Team became part of breast cancer awareness program in Australia during 3rd cricket test match played at Sydney cricket ground dedicated 3rd day of the test match for it

The third day that is 05 January 2017 of Sydney cricket test match between Pakistan & Australia has been declared as pink day to support Jane McGrath foundation noble cause.

Approximately 16% of women are affected by breast cancer worldwide.

As per current statistic breast cancer affects one in eight women during their lives. 

Its cause is still very uncertain, no one knows why few of the women get breast cancer.

Pakistani test cricket team photograph at SCG, Australia on 5th January, 2017 to observe Pink Day

Both the team of Pakistan and Australia endorse the McGrath foundation campaign. They actively running the campaign to fight against this harmful disease the breast cancer. 

Pakistani cricket team fully endorsed and showed their best possible support for this noble cause. Both the team during their practice session of 5th January, 2017 supported the pink campaign, they also wear pink cap, held photo session to provide wider media coverage. Misbah Ul Haq the captain, The Board of Control for cricket in Pakistan (BCCP) and all team members fully supported the cause and dedication of Jane McGrath Foundation. The captain of Pakistan cricket team gave interview to the media, he endorsed and fully supported the pink campaign.  

On the third day of the cricket test match that is 5th January today, the spectators in the stadium wear the pink shirts to support the cause of McGrath foundation. Which reflects itself as the pink sea, which is very inspiring at Sydney Cricket Ground.  The spectators were endorsing and extending their support for women who are fighting with breast cancer. This pink day which is observe is traditionally ladies day. 

Today the third day of cricket test match has been designated and rename it as Jane McGrath Day. This has been observed by making pink the SCG stadium.    

Malcom Turnbull the Prime Minister of Australia twitted “The Sea of pink at Sydney Cricket Ground is highly inspiring to watch. This is the statement which is extending support to the women fighting with breast cancer.

Along with legend Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath (who is founder of Jane McGrath foundation) three Australian cricketing legend Adam Gilchrist, Shane Watson and Michael Clark became an ambassador and advocate for McGrath foundation.

The target set for this test match to collect donation of Australian Dollar 390,000 especially for 3rd day of cricket test match.  Figure revealed at lunch on 4th day a sum of Australian dollar 362,000 were collected and remaining balance of 28,000 will be Inshallah collected or this figure may exceed by the end of fifth day of this test match 

The Jane McGrath charity foundation was founded in the year 2005 by Glen McGrath, an Australian national cricket hero and his British born wife Jane McGrath. Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer in year 2005 and she recovered from the breast cancer but she died young at the age of 42 in 2008.    

McGrath Foundation is working to support breast cancer awareness campaign and working towards education by charity in Australia. The foundation run awareness campaign and collect money to place McGrath Nurses for Breast Care in the communities.  Secondly throughout Australia they also work to increase level of awareness among young population.  

Breast Cancer data as reported by World Cancer Research Fund International.

The Breast cancer is globally the second most common cancer among overall population and the most common cancer in the women. Where as in the USA breast cancer is also the second most common cancer among American women, it is rated after the skin cancer, which is rated as number one. For further detail please refer: 

Breast cancer is commonly and mostly diagnose in women with in age range of 55 to 64.

Breast cancer is one of the leading cause of death in under develop and developing country after lung cancer.   

Worldwide statistic reflects in the year 2012, 1.7 million new breast cancer were diagnosed.

This cancer now reflects 25% of all cancer cases diagnosed in women globally. Since 2008 the incidence of breast cancer has increased by more than 20% worldwide and incidence of death by 15%.

What are the risk factors for Breast Cancer? 

These are divided in three categories which are listed below:

  • It is age related.
  • Family related or hereditary factor
  • Personal factor. 

Age related factor means increase in risk of breast cancer in women grow older.

Family History or Gen related two genes have been identified which greatly increases the risk in women. If in family anyone have breast or ovarian cancer than individual women needs to be screened regularly and to be tested for the BRCA1 & 2 genes which are the culprit. 

Individual or personal risk factors: There are multiple factors listed down which needs to be monitored and taken care, such as:

 If menses started before the age of 12 years. If menopause start after the age of 55 years.

Watch your weight obesity may increase the risk.  

The risk increases by using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and taking birth control pills.

Giving birth to first child after the age of 35 or having no children.

Women having condense or compressed breast or may observe change in shape and size of breast.

Feeling of having swelling or tumor or bump in breast.

If any discharge is observe form nipple of the breast.

It is recommended to go for breast self-examination and consult the physician if needed. Also to go for mammography. Please follow the advice to assess the actual situation and case. If it is certain the women suffering from breast cancer, one of the possibility is to go for surgery and this may be as per assessment and need of time by oncology consultant. Either to go mastectomy (removal of breast) or lumpectomy (removal of lump or tumor).

Other treatment choices are available but physician or cancer specialist is in better position to assess and proceed for better treatment options and early cure.

How to prevent cancer of breast:

This can be prevented by adjusting and modifying life style for healthy living and Quality of Life (QOL). This will overall improve healthy living and reduce significantly risk of developing breast cancer in woman.

Regular physical exercise which means physical activity five times a week of 40-50 minute duration each day. This follow up of regular physical activity has reduce the risk of having breast cancer in women whether it is before and after menopause. This was confirmed by the research conducted at University pf North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA. They confirm 

Healthy and Balance Diet: As per research and finding of expert states women who eat healthy and well balanced diet may reduce risk of breast cancer. Expert recommend that each woman should eat 1-2 portion of fish per week. In another study which states that woman who consume regularly fish and other seafood had 15% lower risk to suffer from breast cancer    

Watch body weight: It has been observed that women who have healthy weight have less chances of breast cancer as compare to overweight and obese women.

Breast feeding: It has been observed women who have done breastfeeding, have lower chances of breast cancer. In one of the study conducted in Spain and it is published also, states mother who breast fed baby for at least six months as well as mothers who are nonsmokers have less risk of breast cancer.  

No to smoking and alcohol. If women drink or consume alcohol it should be in low quantity or do not to drink at all. Same applies to stop smoking or she is nonsmoker. In both condition women will have less chances of breast cancer as compare to excess user of both mentioned above.  

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after menopause: Doctors prescribe HRT, when problem arises/aggravate due to menopause.  Therapy to be use for limited period, this will reduce the risk of development of breast cancer. The woman who is taking HRT as prescribed by physician, she need to judge and assess her condition, also she needs to discuss the pros and cons of HRT therapy with her physician   

Article Written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, linkedin, twitter and other digital and social media.

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