Breast Feeding is a smart long term investment for Baby Health:

It will be of great help in achieving 17 set objectives of Sustainable Development Goal. 

By Mahmood Hussain, dated 30th November, 2016, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan

Breast feeding to babies is smart investment for maintaining good health on long term basis for new born babies, as well as mothers. With this objective we need to actively promote breast feeding among new born baby’s mothers. We also need to engage the father and baby’s grandparents to motivate mothers to breast feed their babies exclusively for six months. 

The breast feeding is very important element and will give way to reach an important mile stone in achieving:  

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by year 2030.

Overall 17 objectives were set to attain Sustainable Development Goals which was set during meeting held last year at Copenhagen

As per report 11 children die every minute from preventable diseases.

In the year 2015, 190 world leaders gathered at Copenhagen and committed for attaining 

17 Sustainable Development Goals to make this planet more healthy and live able place.

This will overall lead to fight the poverty, work to provide justice to people and combat with inequality which exists in the society. 

We have to work to manage and fix up the climate changes. To achieve these set objectives we all have to work collectively to have rightful/fair, sustainable, flourishing and thriving place to live in this world.

During this year of 2016 on the occasion of World Breast Feeding Week the UNICEF & WHO communicated jointly very important message:

Breast Feeding is key towards successes of Sustainable Development Goal.  

It is very well establish fact the breast feeding to baby is not only the foundation or key mile stone for child health and development. It is also one of the basis of foundation of country progress on long term basis with healthy mothers too.

Healthy child development will contribute positively in the society and will alleviate speed of progress. Secondly will also reduce disease burden in society.

Breast feeding greatest benefits is to provide balance and right nutrition to newborn and babies. Regardless of child is born / grown in poor or under develop countries or in developing or developed countries. Mother milk equally beneficial for all babies who are fed exclusively for six month by breast feeding.

Breast feeding acts as first vaccine for newborn:

Breast feeding provides natural immunity to the baby and it acts as first vaccine for newborn. If baby is fed exclusively for the first six month on mothers milk this improves significantly the health of baby, as stated by World Health Organization (WHO). 

This also help in child development and survival of newborn and infant.

It further states, we need to actively promote breast feeding. Increase in ratio of exclusive breast feeding for first six months can further prevent 820,000 child death every year.

Advantages to mothers also, breastfeeding protects them by reducing the incidence of breast and ovarian cancer. Further it also reduces risk of having hypertension (high blood pressure) , heart disease and diabetes.

If breast feeding rate increases significantly this will prevent maternal mortality by 20,000 which is due to breast cancer. 

We are very much aware of the benefits of exclusive breast feeding to new born till they attain age of six months. After six month solid food will start.   Mother will continue breast feeding to the baby along with solid foods till they attain age of 2 year. 

Currently 40% of infants under the age of 6 months are on breast feeding exclusively.

Breast feeding is full time and 24/7 job. The data available speaks 40% of the baby under the age of six months are exclusively on breast fed worldwide. Newborn mothers do have other daily routine work obligation which creates hurdle for successful breast feeding their baby. 

The doctors, nurses or lactation specialist need to do counselling session with parents to highlight the benefits and importance of breast feeding. Which has positive short and long term health outcome and benefits for both infant and mother.  

A real cooperation and support in this regard are require from baby’s father, family members and affiliated society members and work place. 

Ultimate driver is mother, she fully understand and highly motivated to breast fed her neonate or infant (exclusively for six months)  and later on baby up to two years are breast fed along with solid food. If mother is working women the corporate needs accommodate her in shape of paid leafs to up bring her child in healthy manner.  Secondly they designate a dedicated place in work place as lactation room .It will be too good if day care services are extended in the office during working hours.  

Breast feeding contribute towards of having increase education level in children, help in poverty reduction and economic development plus prosperity in the society. Brest feeding to babies enhances their cognitive functions and prepare child for better person in the society and acquire good jobs in near future when they are grown up.

This has also been observed the IQ level in breast fed children increases and also among grown up people in society who are breast fed in early childhood. This enhance IQ level result in better performance in their education career and will be more contributory member in their professional career level and at job.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website, facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social and digital media

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