Breast feeding week: Importance of Breast Feeding to Babies.

Breast feeding week is observe from 1st to 07th August during the year 2016. 

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In September 2015 the world leader agreed and committed for achieving 17 goals such as poverty elimination, ensure prosperity in coming years and protecting and safeguarding the world.

As stated by Senior Advisor of Unicef, Richard Morgan which is mentioned below:

Putting investment in the best possible and effective way on today’s children will provide more pleasant & equitable world in near future. Encourage Breast feeding which is one the most important goal set with objectives to ensure health and mentally alert children in future. 

In Copenhagen meeting a consensus was developed and it bring simple but forceful, compelling logic to try and attempt to implement 17 Sustainable Development Goal (SDS). We commit and make our self-available with dedication and belief our children are future. Now what is needed to focus and put investment to generate the best outcomes for set objectives?

To achieve set target of sustainable development goal by 2030, breast feeding by mothers to the babies are of prime importance. Last year during in the month of September 2015, world leaders gather in Copenhagen and they pledge to achieve 17 goals (SDS) which will help in ending poverty, work to ensure prosperity as well make and protect our planet. We all to have to commit our self to achieve set objectives by 2030.

This year in 2016 breast feeding week theme is to create and increase awareness with forming linkage with sustainable development goals (SDS). Highlight importance of breast feeding which is the key factor in sustainable development. This means we are caring our future leader from the day when he or she is born. We are providing in the best possible way wellbeing from the starting day of life by exclusively putting newborn baby on breast feeding. It means we are respecting the right of the newborn baby as well as mother in win win situation. Ensuring better health and growth for both.

Support breastfeeding for sustainable development as asked by Unicef & WHO

By feeding newborn baby from the day one on breast feeding is to up bring healthy child and potentiate the growth of the children.   

Healthy child development is the basis and foundation of any country development. 

Looking into Pakistan potential and its growth forecast in future. We all needs to increase awareness and encourage breast feeding to maximum level, to have healthy young adult which we need  for the future growth of the country. 

In the current year of 2016 World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) theme is Breastfeeding, this is and will be the vital and very important for the successes of Sustainable development. Whereas year 2016 is first and start year for SDGs. We all as a stake holder, have to honor and remember the three objectives of sustainability program. We need to have broad base approach.

We have to speed up further the linkage of breastfeeding with the successes of SGSs objectives. 

The active promotion of breast feeding among masses will be one of the key driver and connect our self with development issues till next 15 year that is by 2030. The 3 objectives were set by world leader when they met last year (September 2015) in Copenhagen.

The below reproduce logo of WBW, which create link between breastfeeding and the theme of SDGs, this obviously advocates breastfeeding. This alliance will help us but we also need to reach to the others working group on SDGs to promote breastfeeding. This will create further synergy and we all need to share these links, with objective to spread the overall message. This make also common cause.

The objective set by World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) for 2016 is: 

Communicate to the people about the three objectives set by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in communication we need to relate the successes is link to Breastfeeding and Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) in early stages of their life..

Breast Feeding is natural way to feed the baby.

Almighty God has gifted mothers in shape of giving birth to babies. By virtue of this the nature gifted mother with the milk to feed the baby after the birth from their both breast. Breast feeding is natural and healthy way of feeding their newborn. This mother milk provide immunity to baby which can not to achieve by top feed or bottle milk feed.

Mother milks help in reducing poverty or no poverty.

Mother milk is nature biggest gift and available without any expenses to feed your babies. The breast milk is affordable and this ease the financial burden on family. Breast milk is available freely with mothers to feed their babies exclusively during first six months. Later after six month its full fill partial need in healthy and safe manner. In this way breast feeding will leads toward poverty reduction. 

Mother milk reduces hunger and avoid malnutrition.

Those babies who are fed completely or totally on breast feeding in initial six month, and if it last for 2 years, that means we are providing child with healthy nutrition and right amount of energy for drive. Breast feeding result in food security for neonates and toddlers. In this way we will be able to prevent hunger and avoid malnutrition in children which is currently a big problem beside obesity in children.

Benefits of breast feeding to child and mother.

It is established fact breast feeding notably improves health of both the recipient baby and the feeder that is mother. This will help in growth, development and survival rate of neonate and child.  Second advantage to mothers who breast feed their child will result in good health and wellbeing which will be evident in their life.

Supply of clean water and sanitation is problem.

The babies who are exclusively on breast fed, will meet their water requirement by this source and this is even full fill and met in hot / summer weather. Whereas baby is on formula milk, in this condition the baby will be needing clean water for their thirstiness. Secondly safe water will also be needed for washing and cleaning the baby bottle. Secondly placing bottle safely in cool and dry place is also problem.   

Importance and benefits of breast feeding in babies.

By feeding baby or newborn on the breast milk will keep baby healthy. 

Babies will be healthy, maintain weight and grow according to weight and height chart  

Breast milk provide essential nutrients and in order of need with the age and growth.

Baby will be protected against getting sick, having allergies and obesity. 

This feed will help in protecting babies from diabetes and cancer.

This breast milk is easily digested, very less chances of diarrhea, stomach ache and upset as well as constipation.

It is observed breast babies have higher IQ.

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