Child Development stages

The major role played during infant/child development by the parents and by the caretaker. The parents and other supporters can work together which results in the child growing up to reach the full potential of the child’s healthy development.
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Child development stages (01 to 12months)

In this article I will mainly focus on 0-1years. In the coming article, I will focus on toddlers from 1-3 years. Further and later on I will cover child growth and development from 3-14years (adolescent or also term as attaining puberty).
Child development can be basically divided such as
⦁ Infant age 0-1 years,
⦁ The preschooler age from 3-5 years.
As per CDC › ncbddd › childdevelopment
More breakup detail is provided in Baby’s first-year development stages, by WebMD.
⦁ During the 1st-month baby moves head from side to side when they are on the stomach.
⦁ 2 months old and later on baby hold their head and neck when they are lying on their tummy.
⦁ At 3 months old baby reaches for the goods and even tries to grab it.

Let’s take Baby’s First Year growth pattern:
We will now take up how Infants develop from the newborn stage to reach active toddler age. As per the definition by CDC, kids between1-3 years are in the toddler stage.
In simple terms, the baby has celebrated its first birthday and the baby qualifies for toddlerhood. Ref (CDC) 30 June 2020.
If we consider from the stage of newborn which is from helpless stage to attain an active toddler stage. In year one baby undergoes an unbelievable transformation. In year one baby grows and changes with greater pace and progress on a monthly and monthly basis. They perform and we also observe exciting new developments and progress in neonates.
The moms and dads specifically who have become parents for the first time to enjoy and watch keenly baby development stages. Observe their child achieving their growth target. As a parent, it is very important to remember that babies develop at their pace. Specifically in the case of rolling, grabbing, voice responding, and recognition.
Each child develops at their own pace. So there is a fairly wide window and time frame to achieve the desired milestone in each child. Your child achieves one landmark early and for another, it takes a longer time because maybe the baby is busy perfecting other development skills.
Stage of walking and standing may appear within nine to 18 months.
Babies may speak their first word at attaining the age of eight months while other babies do not speak until they cross a one-year milestone.
Observing this variation what is the baby is doing during every three-month stage during year one stage.
In this article, we will cover Baby Development that is from 1-3 months. During this stage of the life cycle baby bodies and brains are learning to live in this world.
From the date of birth and to three months the baby may start the following activities:
⦁ The first response by the neonate is by the smile observed for themselves.
⦁ Within three months baby starts interacting by smiling, in response to our smile, and will return the smile back towards us.
⦁ The child will raise their head and chest when they lie on their belly and abdomen.
⦁ As the age progresses by week baby need to track the object with their eye. They gradually decrease eye-crossing.
⦁ As the age progresses baby starts to open and shut their hands and they also bring their hand near to their mouth.
⦁ Baby grip the objects in their hands that are in their reach.
⦁ Baby, now are ready to jabs and digs and also strive to reach for hanging objects. Usually, they will not be able to get them in their grip.
⦁ Take swipes at or reach for dangling objects, though they usually won’t be able to get them yet.
Now we will briefly cover the stage of development from 4-6month.
Baby Development for a stage of 4 to 6months.
At this age of life, cycle baby will be learning to reach out to the objects and explore the world around and near to them. Baby will maximum try to utilize their hands which are magnificent tools to explore the world around them. They start making noise and will discover their own voice.
In this stage of the life cycle of 4-6 months. Following activities are observed:
⦁ The baby will roll over either from front to back and vice versa. Mostly it is observed they start rolling from front to back.
⦁ They start making sounds, babble and it looks like a real language.
⦁ Baby tries to grab and reach out for the objects such as mostly observe are for hair. They also look for toys and other objects near to them or catch up with their hands.

Babies Developmental milestones.
We have to keenly observe and enjoy when the baby taking the first step. They smile for the first time. In the later stage of life Baby waving bye-bye. These all activities are referred to as progress milestones in babies.
Children achieve various milestones during in 1-3 years era, such as how they play, speak, learn, behave, and moves such as crawling, rolling, and walking.
Children develop at their own pace. So it is difficult to communicate when the child will learn or demonstrate a given skill. Broad base ideas and skills will generally give the idea for the flexible time frame as the child gets older.
As a parent, we should know our baby at best. We are keenly watching the progress of the baby. If the baby is not following guidelines and not achieving the desired milestone with a broad base time frame. Now be prepared for the problem among the child development. Urgently you need to visit and share your concern with the consultant or physician of your child’s.

The article is written by Mahmood Hussain for the Baby First website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social and digital media.

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