Children return to school in Pakistan after initial post COVID-19 crisis.

Still it is a big question mark and big challenge to deal with it? How to cope with it.

Crisis or pandemic still persists. It may rebound back globally.

By Mahmood Hussain, dated 05th November, 2020, the article is written for social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan, currently in Dubai 

Now day’s likely the 2nd wave of corona virus has started with the start of winter season and increase intensity of cold weather. As per prediction and due to non-availability of vaccine this will spread up rapidly.   

The US reported figure of 04th November is 107,771 corona cases. The figure if look on day to day basis it is gradually increasing.

Current updated figure of USA till today November 5th, 2020. Corona virus cases are 9,802, 374 

Current Status & condition of CONVID-19:

COVID-19 is provoking panic globally because of numerous reasons. First is it is a new strain of virus which means people has no immunity against the strain. Secondly till to date no vaccine is available as well as no recommended treatment for corona sufferer. 


Today updated: November 05, 2020, 

Coronavirus Cases: 48,539,698

Deaths: 1,232,786

Recovered: 34,777,347

CASES: 12,529,565

Currently Infected Patients 12,440,051 (99%) in Mild Condition

Serious or Critical: 89,514 (1%)

United States

Coronavirus Cases: 9,802,374

Deaths: 239,842

Recovered: 6,293,132

Reported by Hindustan time today 05th November for Corona Virus Confirmed Cases in India: 8,364,086

Total Deaths; 124,315

Total Recovered: 7,711,809

Active Cases 527,962

Pakistan stats as per current published report

Total cases:  339,000

Recovered: 317,000

Deaths: 6,893

How to prevent spread of this disease and remain yourself safe.

  • Wash your hand for 20 second each time you move or expose.
  • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing with handkerchief or tissue paper.
  • Maintain social distance and avoid going to crowded places.
  • Wear face mask to protect yourself.
  • Use of Hand sanitizer where water and soap are not available,
  • Avoid and keep distance from sick people.

VOA (Voice of America) gather a comprehensive report on Pakistan which was released on 15th September 2020.  In Pakistan millions of student are back to school, college and university after a gap of more than six months due pandemic Corona virus and lock down.

To restart, going of child to the school and educational institute is dependent on the daily reports in regard to COVID-19 infections and deaths. This ratio has gradually decline with in Pakistan on day to day basis.

The leader and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan has taken lead along with his team members to contain the spread this disease from March 2020 till to date. In the mid of March 2020 authorities closed more than 300,000 educational institute within the country. This step of closure and strict nationwide lock down, which resulted in to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus to a certain extent.

The core team for Corona virus and authorities implementing nationwide smart lock down in initial stage which is in March and April 2020 to control the nationwide spread of Corona virus. In later months the incidence decline. They gradually lifted the curbs and allowed to open business such as barber shops, beauty salon, gyms, tourist destination and restaurants. They strictly follow the SOP guidelines, besides wearing facemask, maintain social distancing, washing frequently hand and use of hand sanitizer.

The schools remained closed till mid of September 2020.   

The authorities with in Pakistan lifts the lock down, which was appreciated by UN diplomats. 

Still government is working on implementing smart lock down. If need arises within a confine society or area to implement smart lock down, to stop further spread of the virus. 

The top most UN diplomat praises and appreciated the efforts made by Pakistan to gain against Corona virus.

The authorities allowed to reopen all the business or service sectors, with strict SOP compliance. Requested to follow up the guide lines issued by authorities, such as wearing of facial mask, maintain social distancing of minimum of 6 feet, frequent hand washing, keep away from large gathering and parties. In this way we help to gain and combat pandemic.

Dr. Faisal Sultan, special assistant to prime minister of Pakistan, who has been working from day one and on the day to day basis with his leader Imran Khan. In his tweet he has welcome the children and students on the day of opening of school and educational centers. 

He reiterated again and again, to please follow the basic protective steps and guidelines issued by health authorities such as: 

  • Wearing mask. 
  • Number of student to be reduce or readjusted per class space to meet social distancing. 
  • Observe hand hygiene and hand washing or use of sanitizer.     

These recommendations and guidelines to be followed by the parents, teachers, student and administration / security staff. 

If any parents wishes to meet teacher or office staff of the school, they should obtain prior permission and meet in the designated area within school.

The steps taken by the government of Pakistan and restoring supply of emergency goods and assistance to the affected millions of people.  Mostly they are living in below the recommended poverty line. Their efforts was to make them to reach the affected people in effective manner 

This was done by ensuring economic support and smart lock down. These steps have been highly appreciated by WHO, Asian Development Bank (ADB), UNICEF and the list goes on.     

They praise the effort which has resulted in significant success to contain the health and economic problem which is due the corona virus infection.

It is important to know when to reopen school. Secondly how to open and following as per guidelines issued by the authorities. 

This has been observed since August to date gradual increase of children returning to school. 

As per data more than one billion students are globally out of school, due to nationwide closure. If we take 105 countries out of 134 countries have closed the school on nationwide basis. Now out of it 78% have taken step to reopen the school, 

The current global situation with having difficulty in uniformity. This is due to variation across the world for reopening of school.  The decision to open the school is usually taken by country i.e. Federal or Provisional and Local government. While taking the decision by the authorities for opening or not to open the school, they have to look and consider the benefit or risks across the education institutions, public health organizations and socio-economic factor & as per need of country. Parents need to work and evaluate which will be the best institution to send the child.

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