Colic Baby & its management.

Baby colic is a condition which is refer as an episode linked with infant crying. 

The crying which is due to colic condition (abdominal pain) may last for more than three hours per day and more than three days a week. This normally starts when an infant is two week old and this may last for three weeks to four months.

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It has been observed in very few cases colic pain may last even for longer period that is till he or she attains the age of one year.  . 

Colic pain in Baby is not associated with long term problem. 

Baby colic is also refer as infant colic.

It is quiet cumbersome for both the baby itself as well as for parents or care giver. 

Crying associated due to Baby’s colic may cause stress in relationships, depression and difficulty in breast feeding for mothers. This may also increase the frequency of visit to the doctor or neonatal care hospital. 

Occasionally it is seen in the form of child abuse such as shaken baby syndrome, because of absolute frustration due to colic baby crying. Very rarely this has been observe to shake the baby vigorously to calm down, soothes the baby and may be also to get rid of their frustration, but this may lead to baby shaken syndrome. Than this may arise to a bigger problem, 

Parents or care taker we request please be patience and calm yourself down while handling colic infant phase.    

Almost 5 to 25% infants suffer from colic, so far its cause is unknown. 

Colic occurs with same ratio among baby girl or baby boy. The colic in baby may disappear when baby is three to four month old but in very few cases it pulls up to one year

Few of the expert and researchers viewed baby colic as symptoms, which may appear due to gastrointestinal discomfort such as cramp in the intestine. 

Nearly 5% of children suffering from colic may have organic cause which needs the advice and guidance in this regard from relevant physician or child specialist. 

To treat or manage infant colic condition which is generally conservative method and there is no role of medication or alternative therapies. If we look around us the Grandma or old caregiver advice and recommend to give baby sterile ginger water, peppermint (Podina) water or combination of natural products such as ginger, peppermint and fennel seed (saunf) in a water at least two to three teaspoon per day.  

How to recognize baby is colic: 

It is important for parents to recognize and understand that baby is colic which may goes away with passage of time. This symptomatic condition will last to four week to 3-4 months and very rarely it last for  one year. 

Colic baby is refer as having crying episode which may last for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three week or more duration up to 3-4 months. Colic in infants

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