Dengue fever & how to prevent or manage it.

Dengue fever is caused by specific type of mosquito. This species can be identified by zebra like body having black and white stripes. This specific mosquito is mostly active in day time and especially at sun set time.

Dengue fever is also term as “Break Bone Fever”

By Mahmood Hussain, dated 11th November, 2016, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan

The name given to Dengue fever is itself define the severity of the disease. It is spread by specific tropical mosquito bite.

It is injected in human body by specific mosquito bite. it is a viral infection. It effects and mostly incidence occur in tropical and subtropical region. The Pakistan falls in this region.

Dengue is mostly a common disease of the tropic and sub-tropic region worldwide. It is common in Indo-Pakistan as well as in South East Asia region. Every year’s deaths are recorded and reported from Indo-Pakistan.  

Now it has shown its presence in other region, also now getting common in Central and South America such Caribbean countries and this also includes Puerto Rico and Virgin Island.  

The infection is caused due to the virus known as Flavivirus, which is injected in our body by specific mosquito bite who carries the pathogenic virus in their saliva.

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Diagnosis of Dengue.

It is identified in laboratory by the presence of virus into the human blood stream.

What are the symptom of Dengue fever?

  • Fever is associated with it.
  • Sever head ache, Flu and heavy coughing.
  • Pain in the body, feeling of body ache especially in joints.  
  • Also pain in the eyes.
  • Low white blood count / platelet.count
  • Rashes on the body.
  • In extreme cases bleeding from mouth and nose is observe.


Treating Dengue means increase fluids intake and use of potent analgesic (pain killer tablet). 

If condition do not improves and get worse, than this require immediate hospitalization. Please admit patient to nearby hospital for its management, monitoring of white blood cell and platelet count and appropriate treatment.

How to prevent from Dengue?

  • Keep clean your home and work place. Make sure to have place which is free of mosquito.
  • Have netting on all the doors and windows.
  • Mostly cover up yourself and love ones. Wear full sleeves clothes especially at late evening time
  • Cover water containers or tub or tank round the clock.
  • If necessary please use mosquito net on your bed. 
  • Don’t allow indoor or outdoor water to be in pool or in standing position.
  • Give water to the plant and garden sparingly, with a gap at least two days. It should be watered in the morning.
  • Avoid humidity at home and work place and place should be ventilated, Please ensure to have netting in place on all possible places.
  • It is important to have your home, office and surrounding areasto be clean and tidy,
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Dengue fever spread due to the factors describe below:

Climate changes which result in more area worldwide, where mosquito can live and flourish.

Spreading of specific species of mosquito, which carries specific virus which causes Dengue.

Lack of cleanliness and hygiene in the area where you live.

Till to date there are no effective vaccine to prevent from dengue fever yourself and all the family members.

Dengue Fever case reported as per published report in Pakistan from January to 10 November 2016. 

Sindh & Karachi

The report published on 06 November, which states in province of Sindh 2,000 Dengue Fever cases recorded so far this year. From these 2000 reported cases 1650 dengue fever reported from Karachi alone and four death were also reported in Sindh province till to date. 

The data published for Karachi mainly comprises of Sindh Government Hospitals, whereas data for private hospital are not available. where They are also treating and managing cases of dengue fever.

Mirpurkhas (Sindh)

As per report published on 03 November, 2016 which states three new cases of dengue fever appeared in Tharparkar district. So far compiled figures states figure has reached to 153.


As per report published on 18th October, 2016 which states nearly 80% of Dengue fever cases in Lahore are reported from Defense Housing Authority.

Rawalpindi & Islamabad

June 12, 2016 so far at least 12 cases of dengue fever recorded in Rawalpindi this data still needs validation for year 2016. During last year in 2015more than 3000 were become victim and 10 death were recorded.

Swabi (Khyber Pakhtun Khaw)

November 05, 2016, as per information provided by Swabi hospital which states 6 patient with dengue fever were admitted in varous hospitals.

Incidence in India for Dengue fever and Ckenguniahia.

In respect to our neighboring country India, there are two types of fever such as Dengue fever caused by Flavivirus.  Second issue is also known as “chickengunya” which is cause by Alphavirus and these are also transmitted by mosquito bite and species known Aedes mosquito.

Both are of great concern to public health in India. 

If you consider the history Dengue fever and its outbreak recorded since more than sixty years. But it incidence and severity has been more in last two decades.

Whereas chickengunia also old disease outbreak recorded in 1960.  In coming years its incidence decrease or decline rapidly.  Intermittent and with less frequency cases were reported. In year 2006 the chuckengunia cases with more frequency were reported. 

As per report compiled by health authorities during the year 2013, cases of dengue fever reported were 74,574 and 167 death. For chickengunia 18,639 cases were reported and its incidence is on rise in coming years.

Article Written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, linkedin, twitter and other digital and social media

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