Disposable Diapers v/s Cloth Nappy comparison.

Below we will discuss in detail the usage of cloth nappy or disposable diaper for baby. 

Normally it is observe parents make decision and choose to use and throw away changing pad. 

But as parent or mother you need to compare both choices and choose what is best for your baby.

By Mahmood Hussain, 03rd August 2016, the article is written for www.babyfirst.com.pk   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan. 

It is better to use both options but you can stick to either of the choices also. 

If you are comfortable and will be able to manage prefer to use cloth nappy at home and when you are out of home use disposable diaper.

Both choices of cloth nappy and disposable diapers have its own advantage and disadvantages. Below we are listing few of them for your guideline and advice:

Advantage of cloth nappy. It is normally available in cotton that is, as terry cloth or flannel. These are available either in pre-folded piece with string to tie or cloth as all in-one in square shape. Few of cloth nappies resembles like disposable diaper but it is cloth diaper which can be washed and reuse again and again. In our region which consist of SARRC countries or Indo-Pakistan these washable nappy can be reuse again and again by lady Aya (home worker) or by yourself. This will be cost effective as well as comfortable for baby. In Pakistan Masi or Aya or lady home worker is hire for this purpose, which is cost effective with convenience.

In USA for washing cloth reusable diaper, the professional services are available. They take the dirty nappy cloth from home, wash it and deliver clean nappy at your place. This is highly cost effective normally they charge $300 per month for the services. If you compare its cost with disposable diaper which comes to US$ 600 to 700 per month means US $ 7,000 to 8,000 per annum. 

If you further consider and worried about usage of gel and dyes in case you choose disposable diapers.  Its usage may give side effects or skin problem to baby. This may result in the form of nappy rashes. 

Cloth nappy is much safer option. Have very less chances of baby rashes. Secondly the natural cloth diaper is a natural way and more comfortable than disposable diaper. This need to be change frequently as compare to disposable diaper. 

While using cloth nappy at home by you or grand-mother / Aya. all will strive and try to train the child for early potty training. The earlier they are potty train it is better, safe and cost effective. Mother or lady who ever is devoting time for potty training, needs to have great patience and devotion of time. 

 It seems initially cloth nappy may be messy procedure but this can be manage easily, having less chances of nappy rash as compare to disposable diaper. Nappy rashes are painful and highly irritating to baby. Secondly for mother or care taker this will be quiet cumbersome to manage and cope up with this situation.   Baby will cry with interval or continuously..  

Now a days some cloth nappies do come with broad string for tying up and to hold nappy properly this may increase the time of changing interval.. 

As highlighted above the advantage and economy in terms of usage of cloth nappy.  But we also look its disadvantages. Use of Cloth diaper may be messy. There are numerous type of cloth diapers are available in the market, if possible look to use the cloth nappy which comes with disposable liner. This will make easier to clean. 

These cloth nappy are quiet cumbersome to change and with more frequency. 

This means additional cost burden and more laundry will be needed. Due to it, it is advisable to use disposable diaper when you are not at home. This means you as a mother have to carry less & smelly potty to home. Less chances of bring back dirty nappy back to home.  

Below I will be comparing advantages and disadvantages of Disposable diapers. 

As decision maker now the mother or father can evaluate both choices that is cloth diaper which is reusable product or disposable diapers. Now they will be able to use one of the choices or use combination of it.

Disposable diaper is more convenient and easy to change because of the strip provided with Velcro to tie up in front. Secondly these are available in different sizes and you can easily pick the right choice in relation to baby weight and age. If you are you are going out or travelling it is easy to carry in bundle as per need.  Easy to dispose of dirty diaper in proper place instead of bringing back home.  Baby diapers are available with highly absorbent inner lining which protect the skin from getting wet and normally do not leak. Change diaper on time or as per need.

Disadvantage of disposable diaper. It is assume that chemical such as dioxin, gel and dyes used in it may cause harm to baby soft skin. Till to date no such study shows that these chemical used in it has any relationship of harming the baby skin. The skin rashes in few babies may be due to allergic reaction. 

Second point is while changing diaper you are sometime on the run and you pull the strip too hard. This may rip of the diaper may lead to leakage. 

The disposable diaper are contributing in polluting the environment, because its mode of disposing.

The cushion or inner layer provided as highly absorbent in disposable diaper is convenience and will render hurdle in potty training. 

Due to good absorbency qualities the toddlers are more likely not to have feeling of wetness and discomfort. Secondly the mother or care taker of baby is bit more relax. In long run it is adding cost and burden on parent monthly budget, it is advisable to do potty training of the child as early as possible or at the age of 7-8 months.  

Say good bye to diapers for your child.

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