Drinking Green Tea and its health benefits

If we trace back history of Green Tea, it goes back to its native country that is China and India. In these countries this has been consumed for centuries.

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Green Tea is generally recognize as highly beneficial for our health. 

In recent times of last 25 years, its worldwide usage has increased tremendously. If we take USA its usage has also increased significantly during this period. 

Green Tea has gained popularity worldwide and its usage has also increased.

After water, tea is rated as the mostly consumed liquid in the category of beverages.

Current data reveals that worldwide approximately 80% consumption is of black tea and 20% for Green Tea. 

Green tea contains natural anti-oxidant, which means a substance that is added to the food and other eatable products to prevent harmful chemical reactions in which oxygen is combined with other substances to create reaction.

The green tea has been used since ages as having a traditional medicinal effect in Indo-Pak & China region. It is commonly consumed to aid in digestion, maitain and regulate blood pressure. Green tea improves heart condition and mental health. It also help in reducing body weight, regulate body temperature, heal wound and manage liver disorder.  

It is also known to have positive outcome in diabetic patient to control blood sugar level 

It also improves memory and provide positive effects on Alzheimer and Downs Syndrome.

Still active work and research is ongoing to ascertain its benefits in daily usage. Till to date not very sure to prove its benefit fully, it is still in limited sphere.  So far we can’t ascertain or establish these benefits which are linked or attach to green tea.

In recent studies it has found that one compound which is found in green tea known as EGCG, may improve the functioning of the most vital organ the brain.

In Journal of American Medical Association a study was published in 2006. The study states in its conclusion, that consumption of green tea is linked with reduced death rate due to all causes and with special reference to heart and blood vessel diseases.

The study was conducted on 40,000 Japanese for eleven years having age range of 40 to 79 years. Their observation was the participants who drank minimum of 5  cup of green tea per day has far better survival rate with special reference cardiovascular diseases as compare to those people who drink less than a cup per day.

The green tea contains very important and beneficial ingredient known as catechins, which is polyphenolic compounds which is refer and thought to have many protective effects, especially in respect to the cardiovascular and nervous system.

With regular use of green tea it eases tension and fatigue. It work on exhausted nerves to ease it, improve and manage heart function and likely to protect body from cancer. This green tea help to prevent and also work very weekly on Alzheimer disease

Any form of tea whether it is black, green, white or oolong is considered as super food. All forms of tea are derived from the same plant known as Camellia Sinesis. Only, they all are differentiated on basis of how this plant leaf has been processed for ready to use. The black or oolong tea leaves processed by crushing and fermentation. Whereas green tea leaves are withered and steamed rather than pass through fermentation. 

As mentioned by John Weisburger a researcher at the Institute of Cancer Prevention at Valhalla NY all form of tea’s are derived from Camellia plant, which have plenty of polyphenols that is antioxidant, which has the property of damaging free radicals in the body. With research it is evident that tea has 8 to 10 times more polyphenol than the vegetables and fruits.

Ongoing and previous research suggest that who drink regular tea means at least 2 cups or more per day will likely to have less cardio-vascular disease and stroke. It also lower overall total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol). This tea drinking also may help in fighting with cancer especially in reference to breast and ovarian cancer., 

In the end I will conclude below. I would like here to refer one British study, in which it is stated that who drink black tea regularly were capable of managing stress better than those who drank fake tea as a substitute of tea (refer as placebo). It is observed tea helps to soothes stress and keep us calm and composed. The people who drink tea in daily routine they had lower level of stress hormone known as cortisol.

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