Heat wave persists in India & Pakistan. Basic guidelines how to cope from it.

It will likely to last till mid of June. 

By Mahmood Hussain 05th June 2019. Today is first day Eid Day in Pakistan. Eid Mubarak to all the fan and viewer of www.babyfirst.com.pk  BABY FIRST PAKISTAN, facebook.babyfirstPakistan

Beside in India and Pakistan the heat wave sign start appearing in UAE and Saudi Arabian cities. This likely to start with more severe intensity in later part of June and mercurial temperature in day may likely to exceed 50 degree Celsius or 120 degree Fahrenheit or more.  

Below are few basic guidelines how to protect from heat stroke and scorching sun.

Advice is to stay in door and remain in shade during the day time from 11:00am till 03:00pm. 

Where we live, with in Indo-Pakistan it is listed 15 cities which are the hottest place on earth on 4thJune 2019, 

Out of 15 hottest listed cities of the world, eight are in India that is in central and northern part and seven cities are with in Pakistan as per weather monitoring website El Dorado of 4th June 2019.

Within Rajasthan state, the city of Churu was the hottest place within India, temperature recorded was 48.9 Celsius on 04th June, 2019.  

Within Pakistan on Tuesday 04th June, 2019 highest temperature recorded was at Jacobabad, the mercury rose to 52.2 Celsius (126 degree Fahrenheit)

Metrological department of Karachi dated 31 May, 2019 predicted, Hot Weather will persist till June 15

The heat wave advisory and government hospitals in both country effected areas are prepare to manage emergency with in designated wards having good ventilated place, if needed to have air conditioners provision, coolers, safe water for drinking and the needed medicines.

Pakistan Today, dated 04thJune, 2019 reported that met office states weather will remain hot in Karachi on both days of Eid Ul Fitar and will last till 15th June, 2019. Than weather likely to slightly cool down.  

For daily and regular update on weather forecast, we need to stay tuned for weather update on the TV, radio, your mobile, social media or metrological department of your area.  

The expert and the health department advice to protect from heat wave are as follows:

  • Stay in indoor or remain in shade. 
  • Avoid going outside during 11:00am to 03:00pm in hot season
  • Use umbrella or wear hat or cap if going outside  
  • Use sun glasses to avoid direct exposure to the scorching sun.
  • Drink plenty of water or fluid / juices to keep you hydrated while you are outdoor. Avoid excessive use of alcohol  
  • Wear light color cotton and loose fitted clothes.
  • Take cold shower frequently.

The heat wave will persist in several identified region of Indo-Pakistan with in the first two weeks of June this year of 2019. The temperature will persist above 42 degree Celsius.

Heat wave exposure, its related problem and risk as describe by NHS are:

  • Dehydration is commonly observed which means loss of water from the body in shape of severe sweetening. 
  • People with heart or breathing problem, the overheated place may make heat stroke worse.
  • Exhausted, due to heat or suffering from heat stroke.

Who are likely to be more at the risk?

Anyone and at any age can be effected by heat wave but more vulnerable are those:

  • Toddlers and children who are young.  
  • Old or senior age people who are above the age of 70.
  • People who are suffering from chronic disease such as heart, effected by stroke or breathing / respiratory problem.
  • People who are drug addict or consume large amount of alcohol.
  • Mentally ill people
  • Physically active people such as who are actively involve and engage in sports and labor activities. 
  • Any person taking medication which effects sweetening and body control temperature.

How we come to know a person is suffering from heat wave? He or she needs help?

First thing first is to get the sufferer to nearby cooler place to lie down and rest. Give him or her plenty water or fluids to drink for replenishment and regain exhausted energy due to heat wave. 

Second step is to approach to the nearby GP for help.  Call rescue team and arrange for ambulance. We need to take the victim toward designated hospital for treatment and management of patient suffering from heat wave or sun stroke.

Sign and symptom have a feel that can be in form of chest pain, weakness, extreme sweetening, intense thirst, dizziness and state of confusion.

Also observe muscular cramps which may get worst and it can persist for longer period

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