How common is constipation among the children?

5% of all the children visiting to doctor are due to constipation symptom. 

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The fact is, constipation among the children is quite common. It exists in all age group. 

It is reported, 5% of all the children visiting to doctor are due to constipation symptom. 

The finding is reported by NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease). 

It is good to understand, that in most cases of constipation among children is temporary. It can be managed by simple dietary changes.

This condition can be identified because the child is having two or slightly more bowel movement per week. The stool child passes is either hard, dry or lumpy. Stool do pass with difficulty and it is painful. 

The constipated child will either complaint that all the stool has not passed and residue still persists and feel of it in the excretory pathway.  Secondly, he or she has the feeling of residual remain in the gut which needed to be pass or excreted out to make the child at ease.

In the children, if constipation doesn’t go away with the home remedies and balanced diet management. The symptom or condition still persists, which last for more than two to three weeks, the parents need to take their child to the doctor for consultation, advice and guidance to overcome the situation.

Below are listed signs and symptoms of constipation observe within the children.

  • Weekly two or three bowel movement.
  • To excrete out poo is painful, it is hard and dry. 
  • Difficult to pass through anus. 
  • Stool diameter is large which may obstruct in the path and feel difficulty while passing it. 
  • Constipated child may also have feeling of abdominal pain
  • It is also of observed to see the traces of liquid, yellowish or claylike residue of stool on the underwear / panties of child, and child complaint stool persists in the rectum.
  • Observe stain of blood on the hard stool. 

The child fears, that having a bowel movement will hurt him/her and may try to avoid it. It is commonly observe child will be crossing legs, clenching his or her buttocks, They also twisting their body, or making faces while attempting to hold the stool.

Diagnosis and assessment of constipation within children.

This condition normally asses by the parents or caregiver of the baby at first hand. The doctor consultation is to assess the child’s condition and they also like to know the family history. 

Physician will do a physical examination and clinical test to find the condition and its intensity with in the child. 

The parent and the caregiver need to carefully track the child bowel movement for weeks and how child stool looks like during this period. If the condition or severity persist despite the best effort at home than need arises to visit to the physician.   

Proper diet and healthy nutrition intake are needed to go away with constipation.

Please do asses and note the child dietary habit, is the child eating enough daily fiber which helps in treating the condition this also helps in preventing constipation. If severity persist please do consult with the child doctor, and needed to have a planned diet which contains the needed amount of fiber for the entire family members.

How to treat and manage constipation among children.

Visit to the physician for your child who is constipated. The doctor may suggest to change the dietary habit and to drink plenty of water to treat constipation. Will also recommend to change the bathroom habits.  If the above-mentioned lifestyle modification doesn’t overcome the condition within the child, the doctor may prescribe medicine and laxative or purgative or suppository to ease the patient condition.  

How long pooping during the week in children.

Poop is a verb (which is referred to the solid waste), poo means to pass out the solid waste from the body. When a child is constipated it is painful phenomena to excrete out the stool and having the difficult bowel movement. In many children who are constipated, it is normal to pass two to three days without pooping. If this period extended in children to four or more days this can be term as constipation, despite that few children having no pain and they may pass normal routine life.   

What are the recommended techniques to poop a child faster?

• First thing is to drink plenty of water per day. By drinking a lot of water this will avoid stool to get harder and dry.

• Increase intake of fiber diet, such as whole grains, oatmeal, popcorn and other available fiber diets, 

• Regularly increase intake of fruit and vegetables it can be raw in form of salad or cooked one. 

• Regular physical activity and exercise for at least 40 minutes per day & 5 days per week.• For yourself and your children cook food in olive oil or recommended healthy cooking oil. Its quantity should be minor or very much less like spraying oil while cooking.

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