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The theme and campaign selected for this year worldwide is referred as ELIMINATION

This is with the intention to remove or abolish Hepatitis from world map. Though it is highly challenging task. 

WHO is all set to go with the countries and willing to work on Strategy for Elimination of Viral Hepatitis by year 2030?

This theme and strategy for Elimination of Hepatitis by 2030 has been worked out along with individual countries and World Health Organization (WHO)

This will be a big question mark???  Will we be able to achieve this set land mark by 2030 or its fate will be the same as set for Millennium Development Goal (MDG) which fails to achieve set desire results.  Especially we refer it for developing and underdeveloped countries.

The goal of elimination of Hepatitis is set for the first time. The government of countries have signed up and they are committed to achieve this set objective

With the help of individual country we all are committed globally to mark this historic moment. Focus will be to create awareness and do forceful campaign among the masses with the theme of Elimination on World Hepatitis Day (WHD) for 2016. The overall objective will be to increase diagnostic method, vaccination program, safe blood and use of safe needle / injection. As mentioned above all recommended methods will lead towards the Elimination the set goal. 

Whatever communication tools are use and we work on its implementation, the recommended guidelines remains same either it is walk a cause, media briefing, lecture program / seminar or organizing events at the hospital or in public places. These methods will create overall awareness for Elimination that is NOhep by 2030. This is a global agreed elimination program 

To achieve NOhep strategy, the overall objective is set to reach 300 million people by 2030. Please be a part of achieving elimination of viral hepatitis which will be a great achievement

In this regard we need to implement successfully and to work dedicatedly.  We have engage common man to understand Elimination or NOhep by 2030 program. 

You can involve yourself for this noble cause by educating the masses it causes and how to protect and if patient is suffering what is the right treatment and how to reach place to treat it.  

Actively involved in awareness campaign by giving your valuable time for this noble cause. 

Thirdly you can just sign up for this awareness movement. 

In the year 2010 WHO created a dedicated day with the name “World Hepatitis Day” to be celebrated each year on July 28. Now we proudly say in very short span of time millions of people globally participate on World Hepatitis Day. By this way raising awareness among masses about viral hepatitis, also engaging and involving to go for treatment for themselves and their love ones. Also go for better prevention program. In Pakistan government at Federal and Provincial level are fully supporting the Hepatitis prevention program, as well as treatment.

 World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) initiative provides global leadership. WHA support all actions to improve the life people who are affected by viral hepatitis and also with the objective to reduce / stop the death toll.  WHA objective is to work with all stake holder either it is government, NGO or any reliable /reputable partners helping to eliminate viral hepatitis from this world. 

The incidence Liver cancer (HCC) are associated with liver cirrhosis and it is mostly related  to Hepatitis B Virus or hepatitis C Virus infection

 Incidence of Hepatitis virus in human being around the world

It is estimated 5% of the total world population is chronically infected by Hepatitis B Virus. In terms of number it comes to 350 – 400 million inhabitant suffer around the world. Out of which 75% infected people lives in Asia and very low incidence / prevalence reported of 0.3% to 1.5% reported in western countries.

The worldwide reported cases of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) is 2% of the population. This means figures arrive to around 180 million people who suffer from it on our planet

HCV is reported as chronic in Japan in 1920 infecting among young adult, in Europe during 1940 and 1960 in USA.

Its epidemic in USA which was / is due to the usage of contaminated needles and injection drug during the early period of 1960-80 and later on. But with effective control the incidence of HCV occurrence reduce significantly.

Pakistani population data for HBV and HCV.

Data collected from various studies in Pakistan, which stated occurrence or incidence of HBV and HCV in overall general population is 2.6% and 5.3% Prevalence in children is 2.3% for HBV & 2.5% for HCV. In pregnant women it is 2.6% and 5.3%.  

Above mentioned review reflects HBV & HCV is highly endemic in Pakistan. Hepatitis B & C is serious infection as well term as burden disease. After publication of such data and review , this data was used and force government to launch hepatitis program and the same eas initiated to protect as much as possible  human life.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website and facebook

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