Healthy Teeth & Gum is good for healthy life.

There are definite scientific reasons to properly maintain plus have healthy teeth & gum for yourself as well as your family members. 

There are scientific evidence and research which states gum disease may lead to discomfort, severe pain and bad odor / smell.  It may also arises problems in other parts of body such as risk of heart or may leads to digestive disorders.    

Healthy teeth and gum enable all of us to eat good food by properly chewing the food which are rich in nutrition. 

With proper maintenance and cleanliness of teeth and gums you will be able to avoid toothache and discomforts. All you will have is pleasant smell, glittering and shining smile.

To keep healthy and strong teeth, there are simple ways to clean and manage it. 

This maintenance process to be initiated from early childhood on routinely and daily basis. 

Brush your teeth twice a day as per recommendation and guidelines.

    • Below listed are few guidelines to maintain healthy teeth and gum: 
    • Teach and educate children to clean their teeth on daily basis in their very early age of life. 
    • Dental and gum care to be started from appearance of first teeth in baby mouth. This time period is normally and mostly when baby reaches the age of around six month or older.  
  • It is also fact despite regular follow up and great effort to prevent tooth decay, still one out of four children before going to school may develop the symptoms and also suffer from tooth decay.
  • It is also reported 50% of children between the ages of 12 to 15 have cavities.

As per recommendation by dental hygienist the teeth can be wiped daily by soft tooth brush or with clean damp cloth.

It is important for parents do supervise and teach tooth cleaning till the children attain the age of 2 years. Later on we can leave it to them but still need occasional supervision to ensure teeth are properly cleaned.

How important is to use of fluoride and what quantity is enough.

The use of fluoride has big advantage in oral health care.  This strengthen enamel, which makes teeth strong and less chances of its decay. In USA and developed countries mostly people drink water which is fluorinated. In developing and underdeveloped especially in our SARRC region we cannot be sure that water contains right amount of fluoride. In this situation we have to consult our dentist who will advise us how to put right amount of fluoride on our teeth. Most of the good quality and renowned tooth paste and mouth wash contains required amount of it per application. 

Usage of tooth paste with fluoride in young children it should not be more than a size of pea applied on tooth brush. If excessive amount of fluoride tooth paste is applied on tooth brush this may lead or cause white spots on tooth, which gives ugly look. 

Brush your teeth twice daily and floss once a day

Dentist strongly advice and recommend to brush your teeth twice daily and floss once a day, Tooth decay and gum disease are very common problem as per Pakistan Dental Association (PDA).

Following are the advices to maintain and have healthy teeth and gum:

Tooth Brush essentially needs to be change after every 3-4 months.

In case of children having braces they need to take care more and use special tooth brushes and oral hygiene tool as per advice of orthodontist.

No smoking, if so smoke less.

Use of tobacco stain teeth such as smoking cigarette, pipe, sheesha, using beetle or gutka. The use of these listed above items significantly increases risk of gum disease and oral cancer. What is recommended to strictly avoid and quit use of tobacco in any form?  

In Pakistan the usage of tobacco in all kind and form is at alarming level. 

I have already earlier published article on Baby First website and facebook in regard to smoking early this year of 2016 on World No Tobacco Day. It is Quit Smoking: World No Tobacco Day observe on 31 May 2016 published on June 8, 2016.

This is important to first apply it on ourselves to quit tobacco usage and also educate the children to keep themselves far away from its use.  

Avoid sweet, dessert, soft drink and carbonated drink.

It is recommended to avoid foods which contains sweet or sugary in nature. It is very simple in nature when we eat sugary food bacteria which are present in mouth, simply break down sugar and due to it acid is produce in the mouth, which will wear down or eat away coating or natural enamel of tooth.  Than this will further lead to decaying of teeth. This is reported by leading dental expert and consultants globally. 

If we consume soft drink or fruit juices readily available in the market, than they pose threat to teeth because they contain sugar and these are rinse in the mouth. This will lead to raise the acid level in mouth for long period of time which will out natural teeth enamel and will later on lead to tooth decay. If we consume carbonated drinks this will further aggravate the condition because it increases acid in mouth. 

Sticky or sugary candies mainly consume by the children are very bad for teeth and gum. These are also one of the biggest culprit of tooth decay in children, they stick to the teeth for longer period. This aggravate the destruction of teeth enamel and will lead to destroying teeth in children. 

After every meal rinse your mouth. In addition to brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing, needs to rinse your mouth after each meal with an antibacterial. Will help in protecting teeth from decay / gum problem. If possible chew sugar free gum after meal. This will protect your teeth by increasing saliva in mouth which washes out bacteria and help in neutralizing acid which is produce in mouth by food intake.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website and facebook




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