Nocturia is common among patient with heart failure.

It’s the condition of frequent urination at night time when sleeping. 

This condition has been observed among both the gender, from 55 to 84 years of age.

By Mahmood Hussain, Friday 11th September 2020, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan. Currently in Dubai. 

This is reported because of the poor quality of sleep among the individual.  Nocturia condition is closely related to poor sleep quality.  Out of which the 75% have increased risk of insomnia. it is observe in both sex, and 71% have increased risk of poor sleep.

For further reading: J Card Fail. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2013 Jul 1

The patient who is suffering from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) will have reduce renal plasma flow by having increase filtration fraction during the ambulation (ambulation refer to the ability to walk without any assistance). This is condition link with sodium retention 

The nighttime recumbency (is refer as the condition of reclining or leaning) which lead to the sodium excretion and overall improve hemodynamics which is leading towards nocturia.

Nocturia is common among patients with heart failure (HF) and is also reported among the people who have poor night sleep.

Frequent urination may be observe in the patient suffering from heart problem.  This may lead towards Nocturia. This condition of frequent urination link to heart failure which may lead to decrease blood flow to both kidneys. This will lead toward more retention of fluid. The sign appear as the frequent urination. Reference is Sep 22, 2017  

Doctors from America reveals that Heart Failure, Nocturia and cerebral infarction are related and linked. The symptom very commonly appear is of Nocturia among the middle age and elderly people

Nocturia is condition refer to waking up during night time for urination.  

Due to nocturia which lead to urination at night time. Old age people are afraid of this condition and they avoid drinking water before going to bed at night time. It has been observed old people donot drinking water before going to bed at night and waking up at midnight for pee without drinking water, this may lead and cause of early morning cerebral infarction. During this age group of 55 to 84 that is elderly people.       

Just to emphasize again nocturia is not a problem of bladder dysfunction. This condition of nocturia is due to the failure of aging heart to perform the proper function of atrium to bring or draw the blood from lower part of the body towards heart. If the condition of heart is not good, the volume of blood is in sufficient and the blood pressure will be in the lower part of the body which leads to edema in lower body during the day time. The elderly people having edema and when they lie down at night, the pressure of lower part are relieved and much of water will accumulate with in the tissues.  Than the water returns to the blood. If there is too much of water, the kidney will have to work very hard and efficiently to separate out the water and divert towards the bladder to drain which causes nocturia. This is the reason and it usually take three to four hour during night time sleep and feel strong urge to go to toilet . This is the first time and again will have the feel and urge to go to toilet after 3 to hours.  The water in blood will continue to rise. This condition is the cause of myocardial or cerebral infarction at late night and early morning. The reason for it is, senior or elderly patient going to 2 to 3 time for urination during night time and early morning sleep. The water content within the blood is reduce due to frequent urination at night time.   

Noctoria (Night time urination) and heart problem are mostly inter related. 

Beside it human body also loses water via breathing. Ultimately blood become thick, gluey and sticky which result in slowing of heart rate due to less metabolism while lying down and catching sleep during night time..

The thickness of blood will lead to slowdown of blood flow this is observed and this condition is refer as Stenosis.  Which mean the narrowing of blood vessel or restrict the blood vessel or valve which reduces the blood flow. Due to this condition elderly people age from 54 to 84 mostly will suffer from myocardial or cerebral infarction during early morning hour that is in between 4 to 6 am.  It also has been observed within this condition while sleeping death may occur.

It is essential and need to inform everyone nocturia is not the malfunction of urinary bladder. 

This problem arises due to elderly heart.  Another thing is to keep in mind and communicate loudly and clearly to drink luke warm water before going to bed at night time. As well as drink lukewarm water when wake up at mid night to pass urine and in the early morning.

Take care and worry for the heart and blood vessels, not to worry for nocturia. If you or the elderly people avoid to drink water may this may take life or feel of cardiac arrest and choking.

Another very important thing is to have daily regular physical activity and to go for regular exercise. This will strengthen and make stronger heart and improve overall performance of the heart. Regular physical activity and exercise that is 35 – 40 minutes daily for5-6 times a week is recommended.  

Have intake of healthy and quality food on daily basis. Avoid unhealthy food such as high starch and fried food:  

It is very difficult task to tell and educate senior and elderly people but still I recommend to please forward and share with the .senior people and your friends and relatives. Spreading the message will lead to create awareness.  

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and other social and digital media

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