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Protect children from measles by vaccinating them.

Worldwide measles outbreak reported in the year 2019 Globally increase of measles cases are observe during the current year. UNICEF & WHO advice how to protect children from measles, it detail are stated below:    By Mahmood Hussain, Monday 23rd September 2019, the article is written for   BABY FIRST …

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Malaria is disease. How to prevent and manage it.

The disease is spread by a parasite which lives within mosquitos.   It is commonly occur in tropical and warm countries.  Malaria can be fatal, but you can protect yourself and your loved ones by following the recommended guidelines provided by the experts and physician. By Mahmood Hussain, Monday 24th June …

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How to prevent from Heat wave & Sun Stroke.

Sizzling sun and hot weather is knocking at the door with in many parts of Pakistan.  Heat stroke also refer as sunstroke.  By Mahmood Hussain 01 May 2019. Heat wave is taking its toll in Pakistan as the month of May has arrived. It is mainly affecting Karachi & its …

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