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Constipation in children.

Constipation is commonly found among children. The condition is refer as passing hard stool or feces with difficulty. Secondly reduce of frequency is also observe during this condition. Parents are always worried about their children bowel movement and their habit to live with it.  Secondly what is the frequency require to …

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Baby eye examination, when this need to be assess?

As a parent think about your baby’s eyes examination. Secondly as parent we need to know when to have first eye examination in children life Eye examination is necessary in the first year of baby life.  It’s your baby doctor or pediatrician need to examine baby eye at each baby …

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The theme and campaign selected for this year worldwide is referred as ELIMINATION.  This is with the intention to remove or abolish Hepatitis from world map. Though it is highly challenging task.  WHO is all set to go with the countries and willing to work on Strategy for Elimination of …

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