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Walking daily for 30 minutes will have a better health impact

An article was published by Harvard Medical School on above mention topic. It very boldly states and endorses this statement: Walking daily is one of the most powerful medicines available to us. By Mahmood Hussain, Thursday 05/08 2021, the article is written for BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan …

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Child Development stages

The major role played during infant/child development by the parents and by the caretaker. The parents and other supporters can work together which results in the child growing up to reach the full potential of the child’s healthy development. By Mahmood Hussain, Saturday 04th September 2021, the article is written …

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Manage Healthy & Strong bones are good for you

Regular exercise is good for your bone health and fortified, also recognized as good for the heart and muscles. Healthy and strong bones will lead to an increase in bone density. Will protect the individual from the risk of fractures, from falling, and osteoporosis in old age means above 45 …

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