Physical Activity and its importance in daily life.

To remain active and healthy we need to devote time for Physical Activity on daily basis and weekly basis.  Devote at least or minimum of 150-180 minutes per week in divided days. 

If we can give/devote one hour per day for five days a week for Physical Activities it will be very good for having Quality of Life and also enjoy the life with health provided to us by Almighty.

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Physical activities are refer as many form of body and muscle movement. This movement can be of large musclo-skeletal or movement of small musclo-skeletal muscles. 

Small skeletal muscle movement are refer to the activities such as writing, drawing,  playing karem board or playing board game or involve in video games. These games are not link to any health benefits of individuals.  

The large skeletal muscle activities are link to the consuming calories and in this way you consume a definite amount of energy. 

Physical activities are measured by the time duration you devote daily for it, also depend on its weekly frequency and what is the intensity? 

Physical Activities is essential and this play significant role in every individual healthy living. 

To know how much time we need to devote per day / weekly is dependent on the age group you belong to normally.

Regular Physical Activity is to remain fit and have active life.

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We divide age category below in following 3 age bracket category.  We will below discuss in detail each category, with their general need for normal and healthy people.  

For people with special need or illness the need is to consult physician, who will advise accordingly and if needed he / she may alter activity as per individual need. The physician or expert still stress to these people to perform physical activities with the modification and as per need of the individual: 

  • 18-64 years age are refer as Adult.
  • 6-17 years fall in the children and adolescent category
  • 2-5 years classified in the category of young children

18-64 years age are Adults.

In adult category individual should perform physical activities minimum of 150 minutes which means 2 hour and 30 minutes each week to be divided in five or four days. This time is devoted for mild to moderate aerobic physical activities. If your body is tuned up for vigorous physical level activities please work on basis of 90 to 105 minutes per week. 

If you can devote 5 to 6 hour per week by dividing it on 4-5 days per week, it will provide more health benefits. Beside cardiac or aerobic exercise individual should also do muscle strengthening exercise such as sit up, push up, hanging on rod,  or weight lifting for at least 2-3 times a week.    

6 to 17 years children and adolescent: 

It is recommended that this age group from the age of 6-17 years should spent 60 minutes or more time on physical activity per day. This physical activity should be of moderate level to vigorous intensity at least thrice a week. The individual spending this recommended time should also do muscle strengthening activities such climbing /running to minimum of three days per week. They need to work out on strengthening of their bone also such as hopping or jumping. This age group children and adolescent do work in short and intense burst rather than going for long term and sustained physical activities. This is because of their age group and it meets the requirement of physical activities. They need to more focus on increasing their speed and stamina .These activities are to be fun and more relaxing for the. At this age group they also have to impress and demonstrate their skill to their colleagues and friends.

2-5 years are classified as young children.

For this age group there are no specific activities, neither the physical activities are time bound. This group should play and observe physical activities several times in a day in short burst and as per need of the body. .This short activities should be fun, relaxing with having variety. 

 All physical activities also to be focus on child development and growth.

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Brief Summary of what stated above:

It has been observed the physical activities are generally safe and good for us.  The overall benefits you attain are far more than chances of getting hurt yourself.  

Below we are mentioning how to go for physical activities on daily and weekly basis as also mentioned above for each age group: 

It is advice if you are now joining and plan to start physical activities. Initially go slowly, to tone up your muscle and body. This will take one to two week but please have patience and need to observe consistency and follow up. From their onward you may gradually increase time per day and also built up your work out and aerobic or cardiac exercise. Need minimum of 150 -180 minutes per week in four to five divided days. Later on you can increase the time to 300 -360 minutes per week with same weekly frequency. 

You need to learn, get advice and guidance from the trainer, how much time you need to devote for physical activities which is good for you.   

Secondly you have to select physical activities which meets and suits your body requirement.

Gradually build up the stamina and time.   This you need to spend to get maximum benefits.  Please do not overdo and over stretch yourself.

Regularly get advice from time to time by your trainer or Gym advisor.

Please ensure to have all safety gear in place and the place where you are doing your physical activities are safe and secure.

If you suffering from any disease or problem please consult your physician and physical trainer who will modify and alter your activities as per your body need.

One thing is for sure regular physical activities will enhance your Quality of Life. Find time to give it to yourself for having quality and healthy life.

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