Prepare your child for going back to school after vacation

Summer vacations are almost over by now with the start of August in Sindh were as in other rest of provinces it will be beginning of September! 

By Mahmood Hussain, 01st August 2016, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan.

It’s school time again or about to be started. Few of the kids feels worried and nervous on the first day of school.  Reason may be during summer holidays they mostly have enjoyed and relaxed. 

The feeling of slight nervousness comes from the new things they are going to face such as new class and subject teachers and new class.  If there is change in school, than they will have to make new friends and adopt culture of the new school.

 These feelings will not remain for longer period, the kids easily get adjusted with new environment. Below we are going to talk about first day of school in more details below paragraph of the article. This will help parents and children to manage the new situation or new class room. 

First day of school

Mostly first session of class starts with the introduction. Teacher gives an introduction about him/herself. Then teacher ask students to briefly introduce themselves. This will create a friendly atmosphere and provide more confidence to individual student. 

After this the class teacher provides brief outline of the curriculum and activities which will be performed during the academic calendar year. 

Some teachers asks few students to share their feelings and their opinion how to create comfort zone in the class. Students get adjusted quickly and make them comfortable in the class room. . 

Teachers walk around the class and also brief the rules and regulations of the class for smooth functioning of the class. Students were briefed the do’s and don’ts. They also encourage students to ask questions in class by raising hands. 

It is also very important to teach in the class, that one person should speak at a time and other to listen and understand others viewpoints. This will encourage the open communication and develop habit of listening to gain knowledge. Here I quote one famous very quotation “listen twice and speak once.”

On the first day of class it is a great experience to make new friends. Parents need to prepare their child for the first day and also teach them to say with smiling face hello to their new classmates as well as their old colleagues. By this gesture child will receive positive and warm response from the class fellows. This happy face and positive gestures will open the door for making new friends and will establish strong bonding. 

Make the day one more special

Parents have to ensure their child wear an outfit which is comfortable, neat and clean. This will make the child happy and comfortable to join their colleagues in the school. In most of the school they have school uniform, it is not like US which has a trend of casual dressing. In Pakistan you have to follow strictly the norms of the school and wear school uniform. 

First day of school provide an opportunity to meet your friend which you haven’t seen and met during summer vacations. This meet and greet will bring more positive feelings on day one.

As a parent make ready your child’s backpack the night before the 1st day of school. Make sure you put everything as needed in the school bag. This will prevents the morning panic and secondly you will not be short of time. Don’t forget to prepare lunch box and ensure to pack healthy food such as egg, vegetable sandwich and fruits for lunch. Thirdly it is very important to give your child water bottle with safe and hygienic drinking water which will sustain for the full time school Also make sure to teach and inform your child not to give your water or even share with any of your colleagues. This for you and only for you. 

Maintaining child sleepMake sure that your child get enough sleep the night before first day of school. Here it will apply “early to bed and early to rise make you healthy and wise”. During summer vacations their daily schedule ” was completely changed and they mostly sleep and awake at their will and wish. You should start preparing your child a week before school opening to change his/her sleeping time. This practice will make easier for your child to wake up early at first day without drowsiness.

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