Protect children from measles by vaccinating them.

Worldwide measles outbreak reported in the year 2019

Globally increase of measles cases are observe during the current year.

UNICEF & WHO advice how to protect children from measles, it detail are stated below:   

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Two doses of the measles vaccine is needed to protect child from the measles.

If we take the reported cases recorded up to 31 May 2019. Within Madagascar the health office have recorded approximately 70,000 cases of measles and also reported 1200 death. This is the largest ever measles outbreak reported on this small island.

In Ukraine it is reported 72,000 cases where as in Philippine 19000 cases were recorded by 31st May 2019.

More than 20 million children globally missed out measles vaccine annually. This data  is from year 2010 till to date. This is leading toward measles outbreak globally. This is reported by UNICEF.

This means 21 million children on average annually miss the first dose recorded since last 8 years.

The deep pocket of unvaccinated children has crafted the pathway for the measles outbreaks, which is hitting several countries around the world now days.

As stated by Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF “The current situation for global measles outbreak which are appearing today was built up on several years situation. The measles virus find the children as their target who are unvaccinated.   

A serious effort is needed to avert this current situation. We all need to work to create barrier through vaccinating children from this dangerous virus.  It is preventable disease, what we need to vaccinate all the children whether they are living in rich or poor country. 

Two doses of the vaccine are needed to protect children from the measles.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report on 20th Feb 2019, it states one out of 10 children suffering from measles will suffer from ear infection and this may lead to deafness. Whereas one in 20 children suffering from measles may develop pneumonia. 

One in 1000 sufferer may likely have chance to develop encephalitis, which may affect brain damage.

The doctors stated and warns serious consequences as the measles cases are on rise. Recently a report on this topic was published in Webmd dated 10th September, 2019 of USA They highlighted within 39 states of USA, there have been 1241 reported cases of measles till to date   

These above reported number is the highest since 1992.

Measles is preventable disease. 

To overcome its spread and outbreak with in society, this can be ensure by vaccinating all the children and adults. 

Few important facts everyone should know in regard to measles and how to prevent from it.

Within the unvaccinated region, a person with measles can spread it to 12 to 18 human being.

The virus of measles causes the most infectious disease to human being. The sufferer with measles can cough in the room and spread virus in the room. If you or any family member who are not vaccinated enter in the room, may catch measles virus from the droplet which is likely to be present in the room. 

The effectiveness of measles vaccine is assured. Most of people who have recommended doses will never be sick due to it, despite that they are exposed to it..

Despite best effort they keep coming even in USA

Despite global effort, during the current year cases are evolving worldwide. There are 300% rise in the cases as reported by WHO. The countries mostly effected are underdeveloped or developing countries that is Madagascar, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Yemen, Philippine and Brazil 

If we take the case of US there also observed rise in the measles cases. In year 2019 the health authorities reported highest number of cases during current year of 2019.  Last they saw number of cases in the year 2014 and reported 700 people were infected. 

The outbreak of measles in US typically start when influx of traveler pickup. The virus from other country where measles is common, the carrier visitor transfer this to un-vaccinated or under vaccinated inhabitant with in US.

How to recognize and identify is it a measles? 

It is highly infectious disease and mostly it effects the children. Measles virus incubation period is 10 to 12 days which means nearly two weeks. It appear as having fever, coughing, running & stuffy nose, and watery eyes.  Feel of sickness and lack of appetite are very common. Uncomfortable symptom persist for several days. Later on spotty rashes start appearing on overall body.  It start appearing from face and neck and later on spread and appear on lower part of body. The rashes persists for three to five days and later it fades away.  If all process of measles passes away without any further complication. They start feeling to recover as soon as the rashes start appearing and this phase of normal  come back will be of two to three weeks. .

As per report which states 40% patient have complication due to measles virus. This is mostly observe in very young babies below the age of five years. Also it effects adult who are above 20 and undernourished (malnourished children).

Under 5 years of age baby have more probability of death.

In measles the common complication is pneumonia and this account for most of the death  

Less frequent chances while suffering from measles may lead to blindness, mouth ulcer, inflammation of the larynx and trachea in children, infection of the ear or diarrhea of sever intensity. Rarely this may lead to encephalitis which is swelling of the brain which may lead to fits. Such symptom appears in people whose immune system are week or comprise.     

As per Center for Disease Control (CDC) they presented very horrible figures of measles sufferer. One out of 20 children are affected by pneumonia, one out of thousand effect the brain and it refer as encephalitis. Whereas 1 or two out of 1000 children die.

Measles rashes how it look like. This look like flat red spot or appear in shape of small raised bump on redly affected area of the skin. This usually start appearing on the face and it move down ward of the body that is chest, arms, leg, neck and feet. 

How and when to have measles vaccine.

Measles disease is prevented by giving MMR vaccine (it is combination of measles, mumps and rubella).

The CDC has issued recommended guide line that children get two doses of vaccine. First dose to be injected at age between12-15 month and the second dose at 4 years gap that is between more than four years to 6 years, Due to recent outbreak of measles CDC advising babies who are travelling out of US should have their first dose earlier at the age between 6-11 months.

The vaccine is refer to be extremely safe and highly effective. 

The side effects are rare and if appear it is mostly mild in nature. Whereas CDC cited example in regard to fever after given MMR vaccine this occur in one out of the six people. Rashes of mild in nature appear in one out of 20 vaccinated children. 

If we consider the authorities recommendation & calculate the benefits which they highlighted for vaccine it outweigh the side effects. These are mostly mild and transient in nature.   

How an individual to be effected by measles virus. 

If child or adult are not vaccinated it is very easy to have measles. If you or children living in a non-immunized populated area, an individual person having measles can infect 12-20 other person.

Measles virus are airborne, this is transmitted by the effected people via respiratory drop let via nose, throat and mouth. In this way it is spread among other persons. Coughing or sneezing, lead to spread small particles having the virus. The spread of virus in the vicinity can survive 2 to 3 hours.

Till to date no treatment for measles are available.  Only way is to protect individual via Measles vaccination. This provide immunity to the individual.

 If individual is suffering from measles, the physician will help the patient to avoid from further complication such pneumonia and blindness. They recommend to have healthy and nutritious food and right amount of liquid intake.

There are finding which states that measles reduce or exhaust Vitamin A levels and the doctors give two doses of vitamin A supplement to cover up.

Is there any chance to fully eradicate measles from world?World Health Organization (WHO) shared good news for the year 2017, given figure of 85% of the world children received 1st dose of measles vaccine before they attain the first birthday. If we compare these figure with the year 2000 which was 72%, still great improvement. But still an uphill task to attain fully immunized society on this globe.

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