Protect your eyes, especially during hot and dry weather

Eyes are the biggest blessing.

By Mahmood Hussain, Tuesday 30th April2019, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. 

Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan.

In the region of Indo-Pakistan (SARRC region), Asia Pacific and MENA region (comprises of Middle East and North Africa) nearly six month of the year there is persistent hot, sizzling and dry weather.  

Especially within reference to the upcoming summer season which normally starts from April and mostly last till October in above stated region.

If we look, as a routine we all take care of our hair and skin and especially during the hot summer and dry season. 

We use lotions, special beauty soap and creams for protecting our skin and we also use shampoo and oils to protect our hair and give shiny and lustrous look. In regard to protecting our eyes especially during hot and dry season it is on low priority and if need arises. Our eyes are much more vulnerable in such seasons. We also need to take care of our eyes. Exposing our self for longer period to the scorching heat may trigger undesirable optical issues. These can be protected  

By following below recommended guidelines we can protect our eyes.

Wear Sunglasses which should have also Ultraviolet ray’s protection.
…Wear googles while going for swimming in the pool.
…Make habit to wash your hands regularly and when it is needed. 
Avoid all time and not to rub your eyes which may be harmful.
…While going out wear hats or cap having wide brim.
Protect eyes by wearing appropriate protection frame while handling chemicals or doing or going near to the place of welding jobs. 
Eat healthy and nutritious diet, drink plenty of water daily, minimum of 6-8 glass per day.
Regular exercise or to have physical activities.
Make sure to keep children safe in early stages and also teach them how to protect their eyes. 
Ensure to wear eye protection while working outdoor or having activities outdoor. .
Have good and sufficient sleep (recommended is 7-8 hours per day).
Use normal eye drops to clean the eyes and protect us from dry, dusty and hot weather.

It is very vital to protect eyes from sun and UV rays.

We need to wear quality sun glasses along with UV protection when we are outside during the day light

If you are expose to sizzling sun while working outside, please take break and move towards shaded place. 

Wear hat or cap or cover your head when expose to sun for longer time.

Do not glare at the sun in sizzling weather and also especially during solar eclipse time. 

Secondly not to look or gaze at the sun even with the aid of binocular.     

During the season of dry, hot and windy weather, ensure to wear glasses when going outside or expose to such weather. This will help us to protect our eyes in such define season. 

A very comprehensive guideline “how to protect our eyes during the summer season” was published by Dr. Vimal K Parmar of Mahaveer Eye Hospital & Laser Center, Pune India on 02nd February 2017. Which is just before the start of hot, dry and sizzling summer. With the objective is to give “better eye for better life”. 

We need to protect our eyes from sun exposure because of UVR. Recommended is to purchase and constantly wear good quality sunglasses, which provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. Kindly follow the guideline provided by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Remember to wear sunglasses even in the cloudy weather.

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