Protecting people from mental & intellectual decline.

With the progressing age after 50 and later on, it is reported of cognitive decline.

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Till to date, no treatment is available to treat dementia or even prevent progressing dementia. Whereas with the extensive research scientist have identified a few factors which may help to protect or hold from progressing cognitive decay or degeneration. 

Below are highlighted certain factors which can prevent or stop further decline in cognitive functions.   

In this regard, many articles have been written and I am referring one good article having title “Protecting against cognitive decline.” which is published by Harvard Health College Publishing that is from Harvard Medical School, USA.  Many more articles and basic information in regard to Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) are available on its website, for more detail information by the reader.

1st point. The number of food items identified that can fight against dementia.                                    Follow the MIND diet which helps in protecting against progressing Alzheimer. As the name depicts it promotes a healthy brain. For a healthy brain, few food groups are recommended to eat these are, vegetables which include green leafy one, fruits, whole grains, nuts, beans, berries, fish, poultry, olive oil and also listed and recommend a glass of wine per day.  

Avoid red meat. 

Drink 6-8 glass of water daily.                                                                                                                      MIND diet is designed to promote a healthy mind and this also lower the risk Alzheimer.

The second listed factor is Exercise.

It has been an established fact that with regular exercise or physical activity you can have numerous health benefits in term of improving brain function ability and good physical health. 

This regular exercise activity helps in preventing heart disease, diabetes type 2. It is very effective in keeping blood pressure within the normal recommended level of 120/80mm/Hg or lower. It also prevents breast or colon cancer. It works and improves in the condition of insomnia, depression and anxiety. By following regular exercise (5 days and 40 minutes per day). This engagement program also improved cognitive function in the people who are facing memory problem.    

3rd is to have daily regular and good quality sleep.

Regular daily sleep will improve overall health and fewer chances of declines of cognitive function. To perform various daily routine functions, we need to have a regular and sound sleep of 7-8hours per day. The various studies conducted shows, that who sleep less than 7-8 hours per day, they score less on mental function test. It is observed that learning abilities and memory function are strengthened/amalgamated during sleep.

4th point is the Importance of Social Interaction.

This activity is very good and recommended for quality of life. This interaction, of strong social activity, can have great and deep effects on the individual health. It helps to protect memory and cognitive function in several ways as we age.  To have regular and routine activity this will also help in having a long life. Having strong social connections is very important as we are doing regular physical activity and eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Depression is normally occurring due to loneliness and this condition associated with a rapid decline in cognitive function.  To have a strong network and connection with likeminded people who stand with you and take care of you will help in lowering the stress level.

The fifth item to consider is to be mentally motivated and inspired.

In many research, it is established that attaining education level has less significant value in having a healthy brain. More important is carrying out the habit of staying mentally alert as age progresses. In one of the study, they engaged mentally intact people having age group of 70-80 years. In the study, they were asked how frequently they are mentally engaged while in reading, writing, solving crossword and puzzles playing card game also card games. Are they engage in discussion among the groups, listening to music or playing the musical instrument? Watching movie and drama on television or internet/laptop (such as Netflix or YouTube) among the family or group. The enlisted group was followed for five years. The results state the people who were engaged in mental mild stimulating activities are likely to suffer mild cognitive function as compare to those are listed in the lowest level of activities.  

It is needed to know what mild cognitive impairment is.

Memories of the past and thinking and dreaming of the future is the right approach to assess cognitive function. We have to assess the ability to recall, reason and think in the individual.

All these above-proposed activities for assessing mild to moderate cognitive functions. All the activities are controlled by the brain which is just more than the kilogram. We all should work, focus and priorities for protecting the brain from the decline in cognitive function 

Cognitive impairment is sometimes reversible.

It is of vital importance to have the right knowledge to understand Mild Cognitive Impairment 

As soon this condition is adjudged, appropriate and needed action to be taken to prevent or minimize MCI.

Above listed five points to be followed to delay even mild cognitive impairment.   Even if the condition is of mild nature, we work to reverse the MCI.

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