Puberty & its basic understating for parents, young girls and boys.

As per dictionary definition puberty is refer to the period of adolescent and sexual maturity in both sex.  They also became capable of reproduction.

Puberty, is refer to the period of teenage growth and they enter into the adult era.            By Mahmood Hussain, Saturday 06th July  2019, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan. 

Within puberty stage the body goes through physical and hormonal changes in both the sex that is girls and boys.  During this stage, the body is entering in the adult stage. It is also refer as growing stage with especial reference towards the sexual maturity.

During this stage the boys or girls becomes sexually mature. 

This process is observe in the boys from the age of 12 -16 years and 10 -14 in the girls.

During the stage puberty physical changes are observe and it affect both boys and girls differently. 

The puberty stage is the time in life when the girl or boy becomes sexually mature.

Within the girl first sign of puberty appear in shape of breast development. 

This phase leads towards visible physical changes among both the boys and girls.

In puberty stage the process changes are initiated by the hormonal signal, receive from the brain to the reproductive organ the ovaries within the girl and the testes in the boys.   

Beside breast development with in girls, they start having periods (menstrual cycle) 

In the boys the sign observe are: they develop deeper voice and appearance of facial hair especially the moustache and beard

Puberty phase can be different for each individual, we don’t need to worry if the child reaches the puberty early or later among his / her colleagues.

The processes may take up to 4 years to be completed, than they appear as full grown up adult. 

For further in depth detail please do visit website of NHS. 

Initial sign of puberty among the girls.  It is seen in shape of breast development. This process of breast development may take several months. Side by side appearance of pubic the girls, also noticed to have more hair on their arms and legs.

Puberty stage in girls takes four year to become adult and this comprises of following sign:

Breast is fully developed it appears like adult.

Growth and height are fully attained

Hair are develop and spread in pubic area and armpit.

Genital organ are fully developed.

Initial sign of puberty among boys are as follows:

Pubic hair appear at the base line of penis and they surround the penis.

First sign in boys usually their testicles get bigger

Their scrotum begin to get thinner and it may redden.

Following sign are also observe in girls in later stage of the puberty.

After a year of initiation of puberty, overall this phase last approximately 4 years.

  • The prominent sign the girl breast continuously grow and attain the full boom as adult women have. 
  • During initiation of this phase girls do have their first period and it became regular feature,
  • The hair around the pubic area grows, they get curlier and thicker.
  • Hair under the arm in the girls started begin to appear. 
  • In few cases girls may have hair in other parts of body and this is normal.
  • Girl passes through overall growth burst during this phase and from time to time. In this it is observed girl grow 2-3 inches taller per year, it is during next 2-3 years of their life. They become adult
  • Girls do have vaginal discharge which is also quite normal.
  • Sweetening is more among the girls.
  • They get acne in this phase also appear blackheads, white heads and pus filled pimples or in shape of boils.
  • May be most of the girls gain weight and their body shape changes. These sign commonly observe in upper arm, thigh and hip area. It also effect the waist area.

Sign and symptom of Puberty among boys in later stage. 

The puberty normally last for four years among boys (from 12-16 years age). After one year of the phase since process started, changes occur for another three more year in shape of appearing following sign and symptom. 

  • The penis and testicle grow to the level of adult.
  • The scrotum which hold testicles slowly becomes darker.
  • Hair in the region of pubic and underarm appear and in later stage it become thicker and curlier.
  • Sweating is more frequent.
  • Their voice becomes deeper and louder.
  • Boys do have night fall while sleeping of semen during sleep, which means involuntary ejaculation 
  • In few cases in the boys breast get swell which is normal but this is  a temporary phase
  • They also have acne, which result in different type of spots on face and this includes blackhead, whitehead and spots which are filled with pus and refer the condition the pustules.

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