Stop Heart Burn to have good health.

Heart Burn is quite a common symptom around the world.

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Remember to follow the steps to have relief from acid reflux.

  • Changes in lifestyle will help in reducing the acid reflux
  • Heart Burning feelings are quite common due to your poor eating habits, this may result in the feeling of acid reflux and acidity. This may come back mostly at late night.
  • Manage your weight within the recommended level as advised by your physician.
  • Go for regular physical activity or walk for 35 to 45 minutes at least 5 days a week.
  • Eat slowly food and chew it properly.
  • Avoid lying down just after the meal, and have a gap of a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Stop smoking and avoid alcohol.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Kindly keep away from food that triggers it, such as rich fatty and fried foods.
  • Keep yourself away from cold drinks, and carbonated drinks. Replace it with water either mineral water or boiled water.
GERD (Chronic Acid Reflux): Symptoms, Treatment, & Causes

The whole struggle to manage it so avoids hurry, worry, and curry.

The appearance of a heartburn sensation is a common symptom of

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Commonly refers as (GERD).

Heart burning is a severe burning sensation within the chest leading towards the mouth which is due to acid reflux in the esophagus.

It is quite common in the SARRC countries, especially in Pakistan, and India. Also Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They are mostly found of having spicy foods at night at parties and marriage ceremonies which result in Gastro Esophageal Reflux (GERD) symptoms that appear late at night or early morning.

A published report in the Harvard Medical School states that 20% or more of the USA population have heartburn once a week. Heartburn is associated with a very painful condition. If the symptoms are not taken care of and treated well, the physical condition may worsen of the individual.

Heartburn will be activated in the shape of GERD as a disease. The symptom will be to rise in the acid level within the stomach after having a meal. It leads to a feeling of hot or burning sensation. This feeling is spread within the chest. This feeling of pain is so penetrating, pinching, and powerful that it may be adjudged as a heart attack but that’s not the case.

Globally problem of acid reflux is quite common and it’s currently affecting more than a billion people worldwide which is 17 to 20% of the world population. An individual patient appears by both the classical and symptomatic appearance. To suppress the pain to a certain extent, acid suppressors are used which as quite common are antacids & Proton pump inhibitor therapy, or H2 antagonist is given to reduce the intensity of pain and reflux.

Nowadays recent advances in diagnostic and therapies have improved the patient’s ability to cope with and manage complications if appear. Nearly 18 to 28 % of the adult population of the USA reported they have suffered from GERD and symptoms of pain during any life-given time.

If we consider the world adult population out of which 50% have suffered from reflux disorder in any given lifetime. 

As per the Montreal convention definition which[Ma1] [Ma2]  was held in the year 1999, they listed GERD is associated with a painful the troublesome condition. This complication may result from the reflux in the stomach and content which will lead to the esophagus. Having feeling appear with is in mouth/tongue.

GERD is an important concern for the health of the patient and a concern for the physician or doctor. This is related to and linked to a decrease in Quality Of Life (QOL) and is also an important cause of illness and disease.

If GERD is successfully treated by the physician this has been observed which includes reducing the intensity of pain and feeling of an increase in energy and strength. Enjoying attending a social function, also mark improvement is observe in emotional wellbeing. This overall is associated with improving the Quality of Life (QOL). 

GERD management is to be taken seriously, otherwise, it is likely to have serious complications and may also take to morbidity.

Signs and symptoms of GERD and its physiology.

Below listing are the risk factors of it such as:

  • Old age people.
  • Obesity and overweight to have excessive Body Mass Index; BMI
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Bad eating habit
  • Less physical activity
  • Quit smoking habits and consumption of alcohol.

Control of bad eating habits is very much needed. Besides other items listed above in mentioned para are not followed and managed, this will take the path towards GERD. 

Suffering from GERD is due to poor eating habits and tends to be acidic food. It is also dependent on the size of the meal and its consumption. Secondly timing of the meal especially the night supper should be taken care of just after Maghreb prayer or before 08:00 pm.

Have a good night’s sleep e.g. three hours before you had the last meal. Secondly, the sleep of 07 to 09 hours daily

GERD appearance has classical symptoms of heartburn, feeling of heart burning sensation in the chest. This may result in acid reflux radiating towards the mouth.  This is due to gastroesophageal reflux.  Heartburn is often linked with a sour taste associated with the mouth.


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