Teaching good manners to the child is essential.

All or most of the parents wishes to start early teaching of good manners to their children.  

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Respecting Social Norms: Manners and Etiquette Rules Kids Should Know

We will below highlight the importance of good manners. Will try to teach etiquette also, side by side to the baby.

This is very important topic but it is quite lengthy to reach the land-mark objective. It is needed to have continuous effort. This my small contribution will have far reaching effects

Below I reproduce and will cover the main highlight of the topic 

We all know that child in their early hood have exceedingly and exceptionally absorbing brain. The child pickup and remember what has been taught and exhibited  to them in early childhood. Their capacity to learn and absorb what has been taught very clearly in early stage of life as compare to later stage of life.         

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Tips for child care and good manners - BienMagazine.co.uk

There are numerous point listed for manners.  I search, it is from 7 to 20 points to teach Good manners to the children. These are presented in the form of recorded, in the visual and audio in easy language.

Listed below are few good manners, which you will be need to teach to your kid.  

First is to teach manners and etiquettes, which indicates that they have been brought up well.

To teach good manners to the child is very challenging job, we need to ensure that we do not lose patience while teaching to your kid. To maintain it and need to be patience while teaching is refer as good etiquette. This will result in, kids learn from adult quickly. To be successful as parent or adult they also have to exhibit and act the best manners while teaching and in front of the child. This act will be observe and learn by kid for having good manners.

Videos are also available to teach and demonstrate good manners, which you need to show and act in front of child.

Inculcating and imparting good manners, will make the child whether he or she to be polite, kind and pleasant personality.  This will result to be successful in their latter part of their entire life.

Below I will list down good manners points which your baby should learn and know how to act in routine daily life. 

Very essential to teach good manners to the children 

The teaching of good manners to child will have an edge over other children. It will have positive impact whether it is in social or academic set up,

Below I am listing few of the ways in which good manners will benefit to the child.

  • Increases child self-confidence and self-image. They feel worthy of respect. It increases great amount of confidence. 
  • Socially acceptable. The child having good manners will lead to build up positive and impact able relationship. These kids treat their friends and colleagues with respect. This lead to develop positive and strong relationship. Children who are forceful, aggressive and rude will, attract and acceptable in wrong crowd company.  
  • Good and well-mannered child stand out with in the crowd and among their company.  They will have better opportunities in their schooling, academic age and later in their career life. Children who are soft, polite and smiling are more worthy in their both life that is academic and in career path later on.
  • Pleasure and happy personality. Good manner will lead to be happier children. Your child doing one good deed or giving positive behavior towards other colleague or people will give sense of happiness and satisfaction. This will lead towards building good habit. 

Teach you kid Good Manners is a must. Below are few points heighted for ready reference to the parents. 

  • Develop habit of saying Please and Thank You to your child. These two words are basic to have good manners, we should teach to our child. Put these 2 words in to your regular practice of the kid teaching for all times.
  • The child should ask or have permission before taking anything.

We need to teach the child to have permission before taking anything which is not theirs. Even when it is taken from their mummy, dad & grand-parents.  Secondly they should return the goods with thanks which they have borrowed or taken for time being.

  • Apologize by saying sorry. It is needed to say sorry when you or your kids, have done something wrong, Child should always apologize and say sorry. 
  • Knock the door before entering the house or place.  We should teach our child privacy is supreme and utmost importance for entering any one house especially. We all need to knock the door or ring the bell and have permission. 

We as parents or grandparents want our child to be successful and acceptable in the society. Child will be able to lead from front in their life time. The most important is to teach manners to the child, which will play bigger and vital role in their life. Many of the parents believes bad manners may go away in child with the passage of time, but it is not the case as the age proceed. 

With the bad habit which are listed above, it is observe, this actually hinder or obstruct the children physical and mental health growth. Our responsibility as parents or a dear one to work on to get rid of bad habit as quickly as possible. The continuous coaching will lead the child to have much better life and performance. We have to have patience and persistency to work on baby.

Below are mentioned 10 specific manners your baby should follow and understand.

  • Give importance and put other first.
  • Develop habit of saying thank you or sending thank you note.
  • Attending mobile or phone call follow protocol and be courteous.
  • Make a habit of saying thank you and you are welcome as a routine with in conversation. 
  • Open the door for others.
  • Be polite and humble to the people who serves you. 
  • When meeting people do shake hand and have eye contact.
  • Teach your child to offer and be courteous people who come and enter to your home. 
  • Stand up when elder or senior people enters in the room.
  • Manners and courtesy to be observe at family meal time. 
  • Be a good listener and have patience to listen and understand other view point. Few ad  habit  

Children do get effected with bad manners very easily and in the early stage of life. Few bad manner with in the kid create bad impact on their development and growth. We as parent or dear ones must not ignore it and help and work out with the kids to get rid of these bad manners.

Below I am listing Bad Manners which is observe among the child. These habit parents must never overlook and try to rectify.

  • Avoiding basic manners and protocol.
  • Interrupting or intersecting in between the discussion. 
  • Yelling, screaming or shouting.
  • Using vulgar or indecent language
  • Not Replying properly or answering rudely 
  • Misbehaving at table or when child is in the company of friends and people.
  • Misbehaving or showing ill attitude in the public places.
  • Excessive usage of mobile phone and other electronic communication gadgets such as tablet, play station, laptop, android and so on.

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