The malaria vaccine is ready for protection.

The good news is the invention of the Malaria vaccine after long-awaited. Now the dream comes true. Thanks to the researchers and scholars. 

WHO lays stress on effective and efficient distribution of malaria vaccine within the designated and identified area?

By Mahmood Hussain, Saturday 16th October 2021, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan, and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi, Pakistan. Currently, I am in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Staying with my son and his family. They are associated with YALE University.

Now the vaccine for Malaria would be a massive step toward eradicating the disease. Anopheles mosquitoes transmit to the human.

Malaria is also called a plasmodium infection. A plasmodium parasite causes malaria disease; it is transmitted in human beings by infected mosquitoes.

Exciting progress has been observed regarding modern and needed medicine nowadays. A recent great example is Malaria and COVID-19 vaccine. Here I can quote the best example of it working and having rapid strides in the COVID-19 vaccine. It was a combined global effort from the USA to Western Europe, Canada, Russia, and Australia. Secondly, the Asian countries also worked dedicatedly to meet the challenges and find an effective and safe vaccine. Governments engaged were China, Japan, Korea, India, United Arab Emirate, and so on.

This game-changing malaria vaccine is a victory in this era of modern science. Now the challenge is its distribution and making it available to the people who need it most. Also, the WHO experts have expressed that proper financing is required for malaria-affected countries to receive adequate doses to prevent the identified-affected population. Most of the affected countries are poor such as Sub-Saharan and South Asian countries. Our country Pakistan and SARRC countries, lies in South Asia.

Signs and symptoms of Malaria.

Individuals who suffer from Malaria have typical symptoms. They are very sick with high-grade fever, have vigorous chills, and are shivering, suffering from headache, muscular pain, and tiredness. It may also lead to Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The symptom resembles like flu also. 

The disease of Malaria may cause anemia and jaundice. If the infection is not taken care of and treated promptly, this condition may lead to kidney failure, seizure, coma,  

mental confusion and may end up in death.    

Four kinds of malarial parasites infect human beings. They are Plasmodium falciparum, P. vivax, P.ovale, and P.malariae.

Generally, individuals who suffer from Malaria can be bit by an infective female, the Anopheles mosquito. (By CDC, Frequently Ask Question regarding Malaria.) . 

WHO has uttered and stressed that overcoming distribution hurdles will be the critical successes factor for the Malaria vaccine. 

The pioneering malaria vaccine is also known as RTS, S vaccine. The vaccine has received approval duly by the WHO, will be extensively used in children in Sub-Saharan African countries. Also will be used in other regions where moderate to high malaria transmission. 

The innovative malaria vaccine will facilitate strong protection against widely fatal and lethal prevalent malaria parasites recognized with its scientific name as Plasmodium falciparum.               

The RTS, S is the first malaria vaccine in the world. It will protect the children against Malaria. 

Worldwide Incidence of Malaria.

The latest report published on Worldwide Malaria was in 2019. Is estimated 230 million cases were reported worldwide out of the current 7.20 billion population. 94% of all patients were written and recorded with this figure, including death within the African region. 

WHO further added and reported the death from Malaria is 260,000 each year among African children under the age of five years.

As per UNICEF, they estimate every two minutes child under the age of five died from the distressing disease of Malaria. 

This milestone for the invention of the effective malaria vaccine was long-awaited, and now the dream has come true. Bring shining and twinkling hope for the Africa countries. They were the worst sufferer and with the heaviest burden of disease. South Asian countries will also benefit from the invented malaria vaccine.

Overall, more African children now are protected from Malaria, and they will grow healthy into healthy adults. Wich means more healthy and productive children will enter towards adolescent age and finally in the adult population. 

From Malaria, prevalent countries in the South Asian region are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc. The incidence of Malaria cases in this region is between 2.5 to 3.0 million.

Suppose I consider my country of residence, Pakistan, which is a moderate malaria prevalent country. It has a population of 220 Million, and they are at risk of catching Malaria. It’s 60% of the population lives in the affected area and rural area. 

Mahmood Hussain writes this article for the Baby First website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social and digital media

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