Baby eye examination, when this need to be assess?

As a parent think about your baby’s eyes examination. Secondly as parent we need to know when to have first eye examination in children life

Eye examination is necessary in the first year of baby life. 

It’s your baby doctor or pediatrician need to examine baby eye at each baby wellness visit. Doctor normally examines baby ears, heart, respiratory or breathing system as well as baby back to be sure all is well. Doctors also need to assess and make sure baby eyes are good and normal during one of the visit in year one. If any problem persist such as eye infection this needs immediate assessment and to be treated. If problem assess of sever in nature than this need to be referred to the eye specialist / consultant for opinion and advice. If consultant notices baby has vision problem or has family history of poor vision than to be taken care off,

Think about Your Baby’s Eyes | Eye Exam for Children

An eye exam in necessary in first year for your baby.

You should go for eye examination of your baby by 6 month to be sure about both eyes healthy. It’s very important because as early as the problem detected, easier it will be treat or managed. This will boost your child heath. 

First eye exam

There will be eye examination immediately after your child is born. But make sure you should visit eye consultant after the baby test. First year of baby’s life is very important time to detect and cure eye and if any vision problem. 

After birth of baby they are able to move or roll their eyes, which can be observed very easily. A week after birth they are able to recognize facial expressions such as their parents smile and affection. It will take longer time for them to be able to understand and recognize colors, depth of the things and also motions or moving objects.

As a parent you must keep your eye on your baby’s eyes. If eye are turning in or out, or if his/her eyes are white in photos, do consult your doctor immediately. 

Eye exam is much more important if your child birth was premature. Make it sure your child eye test has been done before coming back home after delivery. If not, later on please go for eye test as soon as possible.

Serious vision problem that needs immediate actions

Look for the following signs during first year:

Strabismus: Eyes alignment is not correct and don’t move mutually.  

Nystagmus: 3 months after birth, baby eyes still have wavy movement, jumping and dancing.

Noticeable change in eyes appearance.

Any sign of problems in eye development stages.

If you see any of these problems, immediately consult your doctor.

Find baby eye doctor

Family physician or pediatrician includes the essential eye exam for your baby in each well-baby visit till first year of your baby. The baby doctor will handle the basic vision problem if any.  If there will be more serious problem he will refer to an eye specialist for detailed examination and treatment.

First eye exam with more details

If you are waiting for doctor, it’s a good idea to make notes about what are you going to ask. Bring a toy or something that your baby can play quietly.

  • Family background of eye or vision problems.
  • Penlight checkup of eyeballs and eyelids: checking the pupils size and making sure they are same size, are the lids fixed and not loose. Checking any sign of infection or disease and tearing issue.
  • Eye movement checkup: checking baby’s ability to following thing by eyes. Checking mutual movement and response of eyes. Specialist check it with instrument known as ophthalmoscope.
  • Light sensitivity checkup: This test will be held in dark room. Darkness make pupils wider and allow doctor take a better look inside the eyes. The doctor will look for a red reflation in eyes with Retinoscopy. Looking for and abnormal response to the signals from baby which could be a sign of cataracts of tumors. 

Sometimes doctors refer for an additional eye exam without seeing any abnormal signs. So you should not worry when a doctor refer further tests. Doctors or eye consultant even have different methods of checking and different opinions but their overall objective to manage or treat the problem if any. 


 Article written by Mohammad Raza and edited by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website and facebook

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