Baby Development Stages: 0-3 months

Lots of exciting things happens to your baby in first three months. Almost all babies have mostly the same development stages at the same age, but there no exact formula or science which describe baby behavior. You can expect the following listed below milestone for your baby’s during first 3 months.

What is expected out of you for new born baby?  

In the initial stages from the day one when the baby is born till 3 month, it is expected from mother or parents to fully involve and take care by devoting yourself to the baby for better health care. 

 In the initial stages, time is devoted by mother in term of breast feeding (feeding), changing diapers or nappy clothes, bathing once a day at least and soothing baby to be calm. In most of the case during the day time baby is sleeping. As the baby grow older we observe sign of baby growth and development. Neonate normally sleeps most of the time of the day that is approximately 18-20 hours per day. 

How to speed up baby development stages:

Healthy and good relationship you have developed with your baby will lead to healthy development of baby and their growth. Expert have advised few guidelines which is mentioned below for you.

Talk to your baby in simple language.

When you are playing or communicating with your baby please talk to them in very simple word and simple sentences this will allow baby to pick up the message.  In this way you are developing baby language learning skills. Secondly it is essential to response to coos and splashes or murmur sound made by baby at this stage.

Responding when baby is crying: 

When baby is crying it means baby need attention or feeling uncomfortable, and only way to express it by crying. Your immediate attention will calm baby down and in this way you build strong bonding. May be he or she is uncomfortable because baby is hungry or needs diaper change or needs your warm lap to sleep and make comfortable. 

Baby need change in position in later part of 1-3 months.

As parents you need to engage baby by showing him color full toys or picture to engage them.  Also this can be achieved by making good and cheerful noises. In this way you will engage him/her to raise head. Secondly you put baby on belly for tolerable time and play with her / him. When he / she is tired with this activity please put baby on back to catch up sleep.   

As mother or parent you start enjoying the response from her / him which in term start recognizing you in later stage of life that is from 1-3 months.   

Development of moving / stability skills it also is known as Motor Skills:

In the initial stages that is in neonatal age (1-6weeks) during this period baby head will be unstable. Later on baby will be able to move and turn head and may be she turn either on both side that is left and right. She also lie on her belly. In later stages or during later week your baby will be able to kick and this activity will gradually become more power full.

Development of communication skills.

They learn quickly what you feed them and responding and playing with them at neonatal age.  At age of 2 months baby learn the skill of smiling, she start making non rhythmic noises and also blow bubble when you are playing with them.  This has been observed sometimes they start copying you and occasionally responding to your expressions. 

Development of Hearing Skills: 

As mother you will observe baby skills of hearing develop after few weeks, he or she will response to the voices or sound.

Eye sight or vision development.

During this stage of life cycle of baby that is from 1 to 3 month baby start focusing your movement and recognize face in early stages 1-2 months.. In later stages of life cycle she start recognizing different colors, designs and shapes. 

Also babies start playing with their hand and feet by now.

What to do if something is wrong with the baby:

Every baby is different and their development stages may vary from individual to individual for baby development in terms of time line. Some pick up and learn quickly and few follow the trend late. This may please be not the cause of concern and to be taken as normal. 

The cause concern arises if following mentioned symptoms and time lines are not followed by the child in terms of baby development and growth 

  • As mother you observe that there is no improvement in terms of head control.
  • If baby is unable to hold object in hands.
  • He or she does not notice moving objects by rolling eyes to follow the object or toy.
  • No response or do not notice to hold their hand.
  • When you feel baby is not smiling on your noise and when you see no response when he or she sees you or your face.

Article written by Mohammad Raza and edited by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Website and facebook.

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