Vaccination: Why is it essential to immunize the newborn and children?

Vaccine invention and its availability for use is widely recognized as one of the greatest public health safety achievement.  This was achieved in previous century that is in twentieth century and still this continues in the current century. 

By Mahmood Hussain, 17st August 2016, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan.

With effective vaccination among masses so far millions of lives have been saved as well avoided to be crippled as were seen in cases of infection by polio virus, rabies (referred as hydrophobia), meningitis due to meningococcal infection and so on is the list. 

As reported by CDC in year 1997 small pox disease has been eradicated from the world with continuous and rigorous efforts and follow up at grass root level on the earth 

The same level of achievement will be soon attain in case of polio virus infection which crippled the babies in past. Still now a days two countries are left where polio cases are still reported. We all need to work and do our best efforts to make Pakistan and Afghanistan also as polio free country. Than we all can claim this global village is free from polio virus infection and no more deformity in children will be observe due to it.

Each vaccine is term as a biological production which give acquired immunity against a particular disease. The vaccine administration is commonly refer as vaccination or immunization.  Vaccination is most effective method of preventing against a specific disease, 

Why it is important to vaccinate or immunize?

This question do come to the minds of the parents or grandparents why our children needs vaccination.  Why it is essential to immunize our children from certain infectious disease.  

Immunization means inoculation or injection of vaccine given to prevent from the specific disease to your child. Guidelines for vaccination schedules to babies by WHO are readily available in full detail. 

Thanks to the scientist /researchers who devoted their time and efforts to protect our children by immunizing via vaccine against the specifics diseases. 

The parents say thank you to the researchers, scientists and doctors who contributed in vaccine development and protecting our children through mode of inoculation from various infectious diseases.

After invention of numerous vaccines. Each of it are for specific disease prevention and use for the prevention from a specific infectious disease. This will help to protect our children from specific disease and save our planet, if children are properly and timely vaccinated as per prescribed schedules guidelines provided by WHO and CDC will lead to healthy and protected society.

With giving vaccine as per recommended schedule for specific disease, has prevented children from the said disease.  With continuous effort and dedication of the researchers, we nearly abolish many infectious diseases from the word, such as small pox, tetanus, diphtheria and polio and so on. We proudly communicate in year 2015-16 polio has been terminated from the world with the exception of Pakistan & Afghanistan. It is good news and we celebrate also in Nigeria no case of polio victim reported since last more than 18 months. Now Nigeria is also listed as polio free country. We all have to put our best effort to fully immunize the children in Pakistan & Afghanistan against polio virus.  After successes in these two countries we will be able to declare our world as a polio free.

Recommended immunization schedule for children aged 0 through 6 years — 2012,

(For those who fall behind or start late, please see the catchup schedule given below.)

The figure shows the recommended immunization schedule for persons aged 0 through 6 years in the United States for the year 2012. For persons who fall behind or start late, this schedule and the catch-up schedule (Figure 3) should be consulted.

Keep immunizing 

The effort of immunization or vaccination is continuous and ongoing effort to protect our children and even adults from various infection disease. We all need to work on effective and proper immunization to totally eliminate (100%) the specific infectious disease   

If in case we take away or don’t immunize,  than the protection provided by the vaccine will diminish or tarnish,  this may result as more people to likely to be infected and with chance infectious disease may spread to others also. 

If God forbid this situation prevails, the entire effort to control specific infectious disease will be effected. We all have to again restart our effort to control this specific infection.

Japan case study of Pertussis Vaccination (whooping cough)

One of the worst incidence recorded in Japan. In the year 1974 Japan run a very successful whooping cough vaccination program. They vaccinated pertussis vaccine to about 80% of their children. During year of 1974 in Japan nearly 400 cases of pertussis were reported in children but no death was reported due to it. In this situation gossip and rumor started working the main message which were roaming was no longer it is needed to have pertussis vaccine and it is not even safe. Due to the prevailing situation in the year 1976 only 10% of children were vaccinated for whooping cough. The outcome and result of this situation in 1979 Japan suffered pertussis outbreak, which resulted in shape of epidemic. 13,000 victims reported of whooping cough and also 41 deaths. During 1981 Japanese government began full scale pertussis vaccination program which resulted in sharp decline of whooping cough cases.

If we stop vaccination, what may be the consequences?

Now a days the diseases that are almost or nearly under control due to effective vaccination, may likely to come back if vaccination schedule are not followed. 

Long time back before these vaccine were not discovered and available for use, history tell us infectious diseases may result in form of epidemic e,g cholera outbreak. We also refer such as commonly known infectious disease were small pox, polio. Pertussis (whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, choleras, hemophilic influenza, Hepatitis and list goes on. 

If we don’t follow the vaccination guidelines, chances will be more children will be effected or get sick, as well die with any of these infectious disease.

Properly vaccinate, follow and comply with timeline to protect the future of the nation, that means our upcoming children. By proper vaccination we are not only protecting our children but also saving our grandchildren’s and so on it goes in the generation. 

Here we refer how we all have work to overcome small pox. With proper and timely vaccination to most of the babies in the past, now in new generation this has been successfully eradicated from the world. Now our children don’t need the small pox vaccine. 

The same can and will be applied and achieved in case of polio and meningitis. If as parent we keep vaccinating our children than we will able to soon get rid of polio and meningitis. In near future soon these two infectious disease will not be able to cripple our babies or kill them. 

In the entire world which means nearly all countries are polio free, with the exception of Pakistan and Afghanistan still few cases of polio were / are reported. Both the countries need to pro-actively go for wider and complete coverage to give polio drops to babies and children

So we confidently and proudly say that proper and timely vaccination is the best to safe our children from serious and life threatening infectious diseases.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, linkedin,, twitter

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