Walking daily for 30 minutes will have a better health impact

An article was published by Harvard Medical School on above mention topic. It very boldly states and endorses this statement:
Walking daily is one of the most powerful medicines available to us.
By Mahmood Hussain, Thursday 05/08 2021, the article is written for www.babyfirst.com.pk BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan. Where currently I am in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Staying with my son and his family. It is linked to YALE University.

Following this guideline will help to lower the risk of:
⦁ Heart disease, lower blood pressure, maintain cholesterol and diabetes levels.
⦁ Reduce the Incidence of cancer.
⦁ This will also help in maintaining sharp memory.
⦁ This very simple recommended activity of Walking daily for half an hour has powerful health benefits. This has been endorsed by the expert of Harvard Medical School.
They stress and endorse this noble prescription as Walking for Heath.

They have published a very specific report on this topic. They also stress why walking may be the ideal and perfect exercise to carry out on daily basis.
Recommended is a minimum of 30 minutes walking per day. If you can do more within a week, this will be a great way to manage and maintain good health. So the more you do which mean More is Better.
As per the recommendation of the “Centers for Disease Control (CDC)” and the prevention techniques within USA. They provided a guideline for physical activity for the USA population and same we can also apply and follow to have a healthy life in our region which means the Indo-Pak subcontinent. It contributes nearly 23% of the world’s current population. They mention and stress that adults to have a 150-minute minimum for moderate aerobic physical activity that is walking each week in five divided days. If we opt for vigorous work out it is to be of 75 minutes of physical activity weekly means thrice daily. Or we can do a mix or combination of it in a weekly schedule.
It further adds value that is by providing guidelines for children and adolescents states and stress, each child should spend a minimum of 60 minutes every day.
We need to follow these above-recommended guidelines by CDC from childhood to adolescent than young ones to adult and this includes senior citizens. If we follow the recommended guidelines. This will provide Quality of Life (QOL) and attain the needed overall health status. So this will reduce the overall risk of diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, or cancer.
Walking is one of the best and powerful ways to attain daily physical activity to accomplish the objective of health benefits.
Walking even does not need special skills or equipment’s for physical activity.
Performing daily or follow 5 days a week of walking will overall improve the sleep pattern, Secondly, enhances memory, thinking power, and reduces anxiety.
Walking will also improve the ability to learn and think.
We all need to Add (+) walking as part of our daily routine
If you walk in a group, it becomes more enjoyable and overall a social gathering.
If you are planning and willing to initiate the fitness program, please do consult your doctor and go for a medical checkup. Especially if you are above 40 years and overweight. Secondly, you are initiating the workout/exercise after a long pause or gap.
Harvard Medical School currently states as per the latest research it states:
Sitting idle may be more harmful as compared to smoking.
Be sure and develop the habit to get up from the sofa or chair you are sitting in and walk around. We should get up even for water, grab food and welcome the visitors. This has been currently stated in research, regularly sitting is more harmful to the health of individuals rather than smoking.
While walking daily or regularly (5days a week) for 30 -35 minutes per day, will prevent us from heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, memory loss, arthritis, and many more.
By walking regularly is a great way to improve and maintain your health.
Devoting regularly 30 minutes each day can increase cardiovascular fitness, will reduce body fat, strengthen bones, enhances muscular power, and provide strength.
Walking is a very simple way of exercise and is free from hassle and does not any special equipment or training,

The article was written by Mahmood Hussain for the Baby First website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other social and digital media

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