Watermelons are great gift to mankind. It is healthy and nutritious.

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While eating or drinking juice of watermelon is quite refreshing. 

Watermelons is classified as fruit and it contains approximately 92% water.                   This also contains essential nutrients which are good for health. It is very juicy and every bite of it has following benefits:

  • Contains vitamins such as A, B6 and C. 
  • It also contain mineral that are potassium and magnesium. 
  • Also contains good amount of lycopene, antioxidants and essential amino acids. 

Lycopene is a natural pigment (carotenoid) which gives natural pigmentation too few of the vegetables and fruits we consume in shape of their red appearance. It has antioxidant property.. The presence lycopene in the watermelons is linked with the health of heart and bone. Several studies states Lycopene help us to lower the raised blood pressure and serum cholesterol. It also prevents us from prostate cancer.

During hot day in the summer season nothing is better than biting juicy slice of freshly cut watermelon.  It is one of the best way to replace and refill the fluid of our body which we have lost in the hot and sunny weather. 

Making it more healthy and beneficial for the health you can make watermelon lemonade, it is also becomes more refreshing    

Health benefits of eating regularly Watermelons.

Watermelon is a fruit. It is refreshing and delicious.  Its regular consumption is good for our health. One cup of it contains approximately 45 calories.

Below are listed benefits of watermelon.

Keep us hydrated.

As we all know water intake is essential for maintaining our good health. Water in fruits keeps our body hydrated. Eating fruits which have high water content will also aid in hydrating our body, the watermelons have 92% water as per the published reports.

High water content within the fruits and vegetables give us feel of fullness. Watermelon and other fruits and vegetable are rich in water content, and also have needed fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.   

Watermelon have nutrients and plant compounds which are beneficial for us.

Good thing is watermelon have low calories which is 45 calories per cup. This is even lower than low sugar contents fruits such as berries. Beside this property it contains few needed nutrients, fiber, vitamins and essential minerals.

Within a cup that is of 154grams of watermelon, it is normally found Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin C (21%) Vitamin A (18%), Vitamin B1, B5 and B6 (3%), Potassium 5% and Magnesium (4%) of RDI.

This reference fruit the watermelon are rich in carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lycopene. In details the benefits have been provided in the above paragraph. 

Watermelon also contains essential amino acid the citrulline which is very good for us. These plant compound are important for our blood vessel and heart. It has been observed this also help in boosting the immune system.     

Watermelon also have vitamin C which is having an antioxidant properties. This help us in preventing cell damage from free radicals carotenoids. 

These are alpha and beta carotenoid which are plant compound. This helps to our body to convert it to vitamin A.  

Good news and brief / crisp description is watermelon has low calorie and term as refreshing fruit. It has the nutrients such vitamin C, carotenoid and cucurbitacin which is healthy for us.   

Plant compound presence and its properties to prevent cancer.

The plant compound found in watermelons such as cucurbitacin E and lycopene have been studied in detail to assess its potential in preventing cancer, results are encouraging but it is still needed further studies to establish this fact.  

Watermelons help to improve heart health. 

It is established fact the heart disease in number one cause of death around the globe. 

With the life style modification such taking healthy and nutritious diet, regular physical activities, drink 6 to 8 glass of water each day and have sleep of 7-9 hours per day. These guideline if followed it will manage blood pressure within normal range and lower cholesterol level. This will lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

In watermelon several nutrients are found which has specific benefits in maintaining healthy heart. In various studies it is found lycopene may help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

In www.healthline.com a detail article written by Kerri-Ann Jennings, MS, RD dated 09th August, 2018. She stated that studies was conducted among the obese, post-menopausal women and Finnish men. It was found lycopene may also help to reduce the thickness and stiffness of the walls of the artery which eases to lower the pressure among the blood vessels.

The presence of citrulline an essential amino acid within the watermelon, this will increase the level of nitric oxide which is useful in expanding blood vessels which result in lowering of blood pressure. 

There are presence of vitamins and minerals with in watermelon and is good to keep our heart healthy. 

Taking regular water melon may reduce inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory property. Secondly it is rich in antioxidant such as vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) and lycopene.

It is good for the digestive system and improves digestion.

We know watermelon is nearly 92% water and presence of small amount of fiber. This natural combination leads to healthy digestion. 

Fiber intake aids in the formation of stool and large volume of water keeps the digestive system to perform efficiently and effectively. For normal bowel movement it is essential to have large intake of water and fiber rich vegetables and fruits. This includes water melon which contains both water and fiber which promotes normal routine bowel movement. 

Watermelon regular intake keeps skin healthy and hair growing. 

Presence of two vitamins that is A & C in the watermelon are important for the health of skin and hair. Availability of vitamin C help in making a protein the collagen which keeps the skin elastic and hair strong. The presence of vitamin A help to form new skin cells and repair damage one. Vitamin A deficiency may give skin look dry, scaly and peeling off. It also protect our skin from sun burn.   . 

Brief message is, watermelon contains certain components which are good for the healthy heart, efficient digestive system, healthy bone and skin plus hair growth. It keep our body hydrated especially during hot weather. These healthy component comprises   of large volume of water, fiber, citrulline, vitamins, minerals and lycopene 

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website, facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social and digital media

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