During hot summer many ailment and disease condition trouble us.

By Mahmood Hussain, Wednesday 08th May 2019, the article is written for www.babyfirst.com.pk   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan.

It is generally assume that illness during winter is more common because of flu, cough and cold. Although during hot weather and sizzling summer numerous ailment and condition do occur. These are quite bothersome and it needs immediate attention and to be taken care off by himself or the family members, 

Special care to be exercise in case of neonates, toddler, children’s and elderly people (senior citizen) who can be effected and suffer in the hot weather,. 

Below are listed / examples of health issues which is associated with hot summer weather.     

  • Food poisoning.
  • Water borne disease.
  • Hot and red rashes.
  • Bug Bite
  • Summer cold 
  • Headache 
  • Heat stroke
  • Sun burn

We will briefly discuss each condition below:

Food poisoning.

This condition arises due to consumption or ingesting food which is contaminated by bacteria, parasites or virus. This condition is more common during hot summer weather. 

The warm weather encourages / allows the bacteria to multiply rapidly.

If food is cooked and prepare in advance for commercial consumption, party or picnic and during Ramadan for Iftar dinner.  They are mostly kept and place in hot place and open area to be serve. Chances may increase for food contamination which is mostly by the bacteria and this provide condition for food poisoning.  

The Center for Disease Control (commonly refer as CDC) in USA, states each year 3,000 US citizen die each year from foodborne disease. If this condition prevail in USA than what to talk of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SARRC region) where more than 20% of world population lives. Mostly lives in abject poverty and living in unhealthy condition,that is below recommended poverty line. The countries mostly listed are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and so on, In hot weather the temperature persists in Asia Pacific countries & MENA region from 35 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius during the day.  This is from month of April to September each year. The road side vendors are very common in this region who are serving food and drinks to the consumers. More chances of contamination of food and drinks.


Food poisoning can be easily diagnosed, it usually have symptoms such as pain and cramps in stomach, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. The food poisoning diagnosis can be done by taking patient medical history, the detail of food stuff and drink consume recently by the patient & thorough investigation. It is essential to have correct diagnosis because infection can be due to different microorganism and this may require different treatments.

The symptoms severity is more likely by patient age, general state of health and his/her medical history.  It has been observed that if two victims who has eaten same infected food their sickness intensity and severity may vary.

If food poisoning patient is seriously ill this may lead to severe dehydration and kidney failure..  

In Health24, updated article on 09 October 2017 on topic of 7 common summer ailments. They mentioned Outbreak of E coli within Europe during 2011, this set an example of virulence / pathogenicity with different intensity of food poisoning. While treating victims this need careful assessment and each individual to be treated differently and as per the need. . 


Causes of Food Poisoning. 

There are several causes of food poisoning such as bacterial which is very common followed by virus and parasite.  Also this can be by toxin and chemical.  

To keep away and protect people from it, the pre-pared food should be manage in hygienic condition, stored properly and place and store in cool place. 

NHS choices of UK advice most of the cases of food poisoning can be manage at home. They do not need visit to the physician or hospital, By the simple basic management such as keep the patient hydrated (intake of liquid and fluid replacement).  Place the sufferer in ventilated place / room. By these simple management, the condition will improve with in a day or two.   

If the patient symptoms and condition become more severe, than he / she may please be admitted in hospital for replenishment of fluid via intravenous route. 

Water borne disease & conditions 

We all are fond off to spend our time in water during hot and sunny summer season. There is a risk of bacterial infections and other water borne illness. Reason is we prefer to spend more time in recreational activities in the water such as in river, pond, bath tub and swimming pool besides drinking plenty of water to overcome thirsty feeling.  .

A detail observation in this regard was stated by Professor Dennis Maki, for infectious disease at School of medicine and Public Health, University Wisconsin. With the excessive use of water, which can be source of gastrointestinal problems and which will engage also other parts of body such as ear, nose and skin infection. This may also result in respiratory, neurological and viral infection. The best and safest place is A-one swimming pool, their management keep regular check on quality of water and maintain require chlorine levels.

Hot and red rashes.

The rashes are red or pink, are normally found in in the body which are covered by clothes we wear. This occurs during hot and humid conditions. It is most common among the children. Hot and red rashes develop due to blockage sweat glands duct. This result in swelling which appear in shape of tiny pimples on the skin which give itching of the skin and lead to discomfort. This condition heal itself wit in days. Very rarely the rash are infected. This may lead to pain swelling and pus. If this is condition plea do consult your physician..      

Bug / insect bite

The insect bite which can result in small wound. They appear as red lump on the exposed area of skin, it may be painful, irritating and itchy. 

Most of the time insect bite will clear in few hour. And can be manage with home remedy.  

Treatment for insect bite and sting are mostly the same.

Summer cold.

It is due one of the form of virus known as enterovirus. It is evident by having cold like symptoms, along with fever, headache and sore throat. Occasionally also observe mouth sore or rash. To treat the viral infection of such type is basically aimed at relieving the symptoms. 


During summer season the outdoor activities which lead to exposure of body within hot and shiny sun. This may result in severe thumping and blowing headache. National headache foundation Chicago USA having their objective is to cure headache, reduce the pain and suffering of the individual. In one of their survey they indicted the headache sufferer during summer season is the worst time during the entire year.

Long exposure outside in hot weather may tend to rise the body temperature and give headache. Also vigorous exercise and physical activity in hot weather and dehydration (less intake of water per day) may lead to headaches. .  

Heat Stroke.

Due to prolonged exposure to the sizzling temperature outside this may lead to Heat Stroke. Symptoms are high grade fever and thumping headache. This has been observed when the children are left in the car during summer weather.

Heat stroke is refer to the condition where body cooing mechanisms is reverse and lead towards heat side. The body temperature recorded above 40degree Celsius. The symptoms appear are exhaustion due to heat, headache, weakness and dizziness. If it is not properly taken care and the condition persists which may lead to unconsciousness, organ failure and finally may lead to death.    

Hyper thermic (high grade fever) condition, first priority is to cool down body with water, place the sufferer in cool ventilated and airy place. Use ice pack. The hyper thermic patient .urgently needs hospitalization to provide recommended standard treatment and prevent exhaustion, muscle breakdown and protect from kidney failure.  

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website, facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social and digital media

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