Why and How to keep baby healthy during winter and cold weather.

It is important for parents to protect their baby as much as possible from getting sick during winter season, which means when there is drop in mercury. During this cold season the flu virus and cold are found in home and schools, whether it is kinder garden, Nursery, Montessori primary / secondary school.

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By Mahmood Hussain, the article is written for www.babyfirst.com.pk   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan

Parents are in search if there are any ways, they can protect their child from cold and flu. The obvious answer is in negative. The same was answered by Prof Paul Offit, who is Chief Executive of Infectious Disease at Children Hospital, Philadelphia USA.  

The viruses which infect in cold weather are airborne (which means present in the air). It is observe if someone suffering from such virus/infection, they are likely to spread to others who are in contact with them and they do not properly protecting themselves. The baby or toddler they are needed to be kept far away from sufferer with at least minimum distance of 4-6 feet but still likely chances are baby may catch the virus due to their weak or developing body defense. 

This has been commonly observe among children who are going to school, they may catch cold and flu from there, mostly it is from class room or from their class mates who are suffering from it.  Secondly child may catches from within house also, one of you or baby in house suffering from cold and flu. To protect baby parents needs and try to keep the child far away from sufferer to protect the baby.

In both the places as mentioned above the chances are likely to spread flu and may affect family suffer. 

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Absenteeism: Child or adult who is suffering from cold, cough and viral infection will make unable to go to school or office. Their absent are marked either in school or office. 

Secondly they may infect other family members. Thirdly they should be isolated not to infect other family members living in the house.

The winter viral infection is transmittable or spreadable infection and this can catch from someone before the victim develop the symptoms. In such cases keeping your baby or yourself away does not guarantee to protect from sneezing or coughing?

We are providing below brief guidelines as provided by experts

 How to protect during winter. 

There are many simple and easy steps by which you can protect baby from germs and remain healthy as possible during the winter season.

It seems, it is still possible the baby may catch cold in winter whatever precaution we as parent take but we still need to adopt and follow steps to fight with germs and Flu virus during entire winter.

  • School is normally and mostly the source of infection. In Pakistan it is difficult but still you can play role in formulating a strategy / policy in Day Care Centers, Montessori or primary school to keep away sick children from healthy children. In such cases if child is suffering from flu or cough and cold should stay away from school for few days till sick child is fully recovered.
  • Flu Shot Vaccination: To protect the baby please ensure to have Flu Shot on yearly basis. It will be good to have flu shot before the onset of winter or cold weather.  The Flu Shot on yearly basis to be given to each child who is above six month old. This time is normally during September or October but it is never too late. It is also needed to protect your child, simply ensuring baby has all of its vaccines as per schedule and age.
  • Importance of Hand washing to protect the child and yourself. By regular and proper hand washing which is very simple, effective and easy to follow. This will help you and baby to get rid of flu germs and protect from infection. Please also ensure to properly wash your hand after changing the diaper or cleaning the baby running nose each time. This habit of hand washing with soap to be applied also on baby and sibling at all time.  Ensure hand washing before eating the food with hands or when he/she is coming from outside such as from day care center or from play area or coming out of home. As a parent we have to ensure the Aya (home servant available in Pakistan) or care giver knows and strictly comply with hand washing techniques. If your child is going to day care please ensure the care givers are aware, vigilant and complying with hand washing standard. If it is not up to the mark please discuss with school management and make sure they realize its importance and ensure to comply. This will make sure win win situation for all of us..

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First website, facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social and digital media.

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