World Diabetes Day in year 2016 is on 14th November.

Beat Diabetes and be a partner in awareness campaign.

By Mahmood Hussain, dated 06th November, 2016, the article is written for   BABY FIRST PAKISTAN and on Facebook.babyfirstPakistan and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Writer Mahmood Hussain is from Karachi Pakistan

Worldwide diabetes is on rise and will be the great challenge in near future also 

Currently 445 million adults worldwide are affected with this disease as per data published by World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO has published a very detail report on diabetes on the day of “World Health Day” this was observed on 7th April, 2016.

Eyes on Diabetes is the promotional theme for the year 2016 given by “World Diabetes Day” (WDD) and International Diabetic Forum (IDF)

The promotional focus will be on the importance of screening, this will lead to early diagnosis of diabetes type 2. 

Secondly to treat it early and avert the risk of further serious complication. 

For the first time WDD was created and conceptualize in 1991 by International Diabetic Federation and World Health Organization. 

This was well thought idea because of the increasing trend in diabetes and this is leading a greater threat worldwide. 

This concept was further endorse by United Nation Organization in 2006 and they designated a Day for it through UN Resolution # 61/225. 

With the support of UNO the World Diabetes Day is celebrated each year on 14th November.

The campaign is to promote the idea which is represented by Blue circle. The Blue Circle is used as logo adopted in year 2007. This blue circle became the global symbol in regard to diabetes awareness campaign. 

As soon the child is diagnosed with Diabetes in a family, this disease affects the whole family.

Focus in year 2016 is “Eyes on Diabetes”. This key message which lead the campaign as:

Screen people for type 2 diabetes in early stages, will help in reducing the risk of complication in later stages. 

Screening the diabetes patient regularly, help in delaying further complication which is oberve in all types of diabetes

Living with Diabetes.

Till to date there is no cure for diabetes, but this can be managed. People can still have quality of life. This can be achieved by following three things:

  • Eat balance and healthy diet.
  • Do regular exercise and have needed physical activities.
  • Take regular medicine as per advice of your doctor.
  • Keep in check and record the blood sugar level even at home by glucometer to keep it with in recommended level.
  • Watch your weight

By following the above mentioned guidelines, this will help in preventing or delay complication which are associated with diabetes if not full filled the advice by the endocrinologist and nutritionist. 

With diabetes all needed is to discipline your life and exercise control on yourself. 

It is also observe many people with diabetes do live longer in healthy manner.

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Call for Action

They stress and call for action, to avert this grave situation. WHO report stress on the need of how to prevent it and also to treat diabetes? 

Data shows one in two adults are currently living with diabetes and they are listed as undiagnosed.

If we evaluate the past from 1980 this disease has increase by four fold currently it effects 450 million adults on the globe. 

The rise in diabetes, with such high incidence of diabetes among the adult population are listed as Type 2 Diabetes. 

The main factors which contribute to increase in the incidence diabetes are overweight and obesity.

In 2012, 3.7 million death are recorded due to diabetes and high glucose level. Out of these        1.5 million death is due to diabetes annually.

If diabetes or blood sugar levels are not monitored or controlled this will lead to further complication such as heart attack, blindness, kidney failure, stroke and lower limb amputation

This year campaign will be to stress and engage Government to take appropriate action, also to ensure these people will have healthy choices. In these system they should have the capacity to diagnose diabetes, treat them and provide needed care for diabetic people.

Secondly it is vital to encourage and advice the individuals to follow these three. . 

Guidelines to remain healthy & enjoy active life:

  • Eat healthy, balance and natural recommended diet as per advice of Nutritionist
  • To manage and control the weight and also avoid to gain excessive weight.
  • Regular physical activity at least 4-5 days a week such as brisk walk, swimming, treadmill or cycling or elliptical. Secondly do some weight training.

There are several factors which led to high incidence of diabetes within 4 decades. It is refer as burden in all societies since more than 5 decades. 

The incidence of diabetes disease has multiplied 4 times since 1980.

Factors which has contributed for increase in diabetes are: 

  • Inactive life 
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Population migration to large or mega cities 
  • Increase in ageing population

Article Written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan website, facebook, linkedin, twitter and other digital and social media

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